June 3, 2010

SURPRISE! I'm Finally Answering My Own 20 Questions!

So you guys have been bugging me to answer my own 20 Questions lineup, and then Heather from A Tales of a Capricious Reader had to go and make it all official by answering #20 with my name (gosh, Heather! ;) So, I finally decided it was time to give the readers what they want! Hope it lives up to your expectations! lol

1. MY EARLIEST MEMORY OF READING: Sitting on a beanbag in my Kindergarten classroom in the reading corner after I was finished with my work. I already knew how to read a bit but this is my earliest memory of reading alone.

2. THE FIRST BOOK I READ OVER AND OVER: Richard Scarry's The Best Word Book Ever. I loved that book. I could make up stories with the pictures.

3. A CHILDREN’S BOOK EVERY CHILD SHOULD READ: This is a hard one for me as I love children's books and can find the teachable in almost all of them. But I think one book that I keep coming to time and time again is

4. THE BOOK I HAVE RE-READ THE MOST TIMES: The Babysitter's Club: Babysitters on Board! by Ann M. Martin. I think I wore the book out- lol. As an adult, it would be The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, which I've read twice. I guess I am not much of a re-reader anymore!

5. MY FAVORITE PLACE TO READ: At the park on a warm, slightly breezy day.

6. MY MUST-HAVE READING ACCESSORIES: Something to drink is preferable, and if outside, sunglasses.

7. THE NUMBER OF BOOKS I OWN (YOU CAN GUESS): A little over 300.

8. MY BOOKSHELVES ARE: I have one and it's so not big enough! I have books in boxes downstairs. You can see part of my bookshelf behind me in my photo. It has filled up a little more since then, too, and that was April. Those books are 2 deep. I might, might have a problem.

9. THE NUMBER OF BOOKS ON MY TBR LIST (THAT I HAVE NOT ACQUIRED YET): Around 800. Seriously. That is what being an eclectic reader can do to you.

10. THE WAY I KEEP TRACK OF BOOKS I WANT TO READ: I use Goodreads. I recently found the handy tool that lets you add who recommended the book to you so I don't have to worry about always forgetting.

11. THE LAST BOOK I RECEIVED/BOUGHT: In the Sanctuary of Outcasts by Neil White from TLC Book Tours.

12. A BOOK THAT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE IN SOME WAY: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. After a ten year hiatus from pleasure reading, this is the book that opened up the literary world to me once again.

13. A BOOK I LIKE THAT NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO: It's not that no one else likes them, but two of my favorite books seem to be of the "You either hate it or love it" variety- The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I just happen to be on the love them side!

14. A BOOK I DON’T LIKE THAT EVERYONE ELSE SEEMS TO LOVE: Tuesdays with Morrie. I think I am the only one I've ever run into that didn't like it. I am sure I will be flooded with comments that say "How can you not love Tuesdays with Morrie?!?"

15. A BOOK THAT INTIMIDATES ME: Um, how about all of Russian Literature? I love trying to read Dostoevsky, but I've never actually finished one of his books. And War and Peace? Yikes. It's size alone is intimidating enough, though I do like Tolstoy. Russian Lit just seems to have so many names and places that I get confused. I need like an outline or something.

16. IF I COULD GO TO ANY LITERARY DESTINATION I WOULD CHOOSE: I would like to trace the path of Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love and visit Italy (always wanted to go), India (been there but not to an ashram, which would be cool), and Bali (I mean, who doesn't want to go to Bali??)

17. THREE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS: Michelle Moran, Barbara Kingsolver, and James Patterson


19. MY BOOK BLOG STANDS OUT FROM THE CROWD BECAUSE: I am an eclectic reader and you never know what kind of book I'm going to be reading next- historical fiction, YA, mystery, memoir, fantasy, nonfiction. But I am very attracted to world literature and world cultures, so that is a predominant theme. Plus, I have 20 Questions- clearly the coolest feature on a book blog anywhere because it features YOU GUYS! :)


~Coming Up on 20 Questions!~

Pam of Bookalicio.us
Raych of books i done read


  1. You didn't finish #3!! What a way to leave us hanging. I can't imagine a ten year hiatus from reading for pleasure, that breaks my heart. Even during college i still read even if I was behind on school work. Can't live without my reading!

  2. Yay for answering your own questions! I have to tell you, I've never even heard of Tuesdays with Morrie.

  3. Gah - WHAT is the answer for #3???!!!

    As for your feeling intimidated by the Russian writers, read THIS - another blogger and I summarized War & Peace in an entertaining way each week as we read it - scroll to the bottom of this post to find the chronological list of them. War & Peace was a terrifically fun read.

  4. LOL- I totally wanted to leave you hanging! No, I can't decide! I was going to just pick one and then I couldn't! Too many important books out there. It was too hard! I can't even answer my own question, lol.

    I guess if I have to choose one it would be...Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. because of the way it teaches letters and letter sounds in a fun way...oh, and Stellaluna by Jannell Cannon because it is a great story of getting along with others who are different but also staying true to yourself...and then there's always Owl Moon by Jane Yolen which is just an incredible, beautifully written book on respecting nature and on discovery...and Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes and The Napping House by Audrey Wood and Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schahner and anything by Eric Carle.

    Yeah, clearly I cannot narrow it down.

  5. Stellaluna and Owl Moon are so lovely. Yup ... I can't narrow it down when it comes to kidlit either, especially picture books.


  6. Deb- I went through a period as a teenager where I had to read so many uninteresting books for school that the thought of picking up a book for fun made me want to literally hurl. Luckily, I got out of that in college (though I had less time to read then) and now I am a full-fledged bookish nerd. You never know, do you?

    Amanda- I think they even made it into a movie. It is like a contemporary classic or something. But I didn't like it. I would be interested to see what you think. It's a fairly small book.

    Bumbles- Thanks! I will go check that out now!

  7. Stephanie- Yeah, it's like impossible for me. Thanks for understanding. ;)

  8. Ha! Great answers! I'm right there with you in being intimidated by Russian lit. I always have the hardest time getting through books by Russian novelists (except Nabokov). They always seem horribly stilted, but this could be a translation issue, too.

  9. HA ha ha! Yes! Finally! *evil grin*

    Seriously though, great answers, even if you totally copped out on #3 *wink*

    I looooved Eat, Pray, Love. I've read it twice. The audio is excellent if you ever want to reread. Seriously. EXCELLENT.

    Russian novels scare the bejezus outta me, totally with you there.

    And I'll be right there with you in Italy. I want to find that pizza place she went to.

    I just finished IN THE SANCTUARY OF OUTCASTS and it is fantastic. Great great book.

    Squee! I can't wait to read Pam and Raych's answers!

  10. So excited to read your answers!! Did you mean to leave us in wonder with #3??? I've never read a Babysitter's Club book...now I know that I'm really old. I love Poisonwood Bible..one of the best books that I've read read and I do think I would re-read that one. I loved Eat Pray Love and am now worried that they'll mess it all up with the movie!!! I would love to take that trip too!!! Russian Literature frightens me terribly!!

    You're an interesting person!!!

  11. I haven't read Tuesdays with Morrie but I loathed The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

  12. No, you are correct. Tuesdays with Morrie is horrible dreck. If William Young had never written The Shack then TWM would be the most sentimental piece of garbage around.

  13. How can you not love Tuesdays with Morrie?

    Ok, I knew you wanted someone to say it. Fact is, I didn't read it but I enjoyed the movie.

    AND I love The Poisonwood Bible. Love Kingsolver generally, but like you, that book taught me I could love literary fiction. She is brilliant.

    If you come to Bali, we are just a little further south - come visit!

  14. Andi- I have always wondered if it was a translation issue too.

    Heather- Yay! Someone to eat pizza in Italy with!

    Pam- Thank you!

    Staci- This is why I think of you as a good friend even though we've never met. We're like 2 peas in a pod sometimes! Yes, I just used that phrase. Excuse me. And thanks for saying I am interesting! You rock.

    Jill- I am sure it is the same dribble.

    Raych- You never cease to crack me up with your astute observations!

    Susan- Ack! You said it. lol And girl, if I get to Bali, you'll definitely be on my agenda!

  15. So fun to hear from you here! :)

  16. Rebecca - you left me hangin' here - what's the name of the book for question #3?

    Did you do that on purpose? LOL

  17. I love this feature! So, a big thank you Rebecca for answering your own questions! I, too, loved Scarry's books when I was little. My favorite charachter was the little worm/snake with a little hat in its head. :) And I'm totally with you when it comes to Russian literature!


  18. I loved that Scarry book too .. it was the first one I bought for my son .. even before he was born.

    And did you see they are having a movie of "Eat Pray Love" with Ms. Julia Roberts? can't really imagine it as a movie ... there was so much interior stuff.

    And I have to say, I'm not a big fan of The Poisonwood Bible ... but I'm glad it worked for you!

    And it is about time you answered your own questions!

  19. I'm glad you finally answered your own questions and I agree, picking one kids book is almost impossible.

  20. I read TWM standing in a bookstore one time and then put it right back on the shelf. And I love The Poisonwood Bible. Also a trip to Bali would be wonderful.

  21. I'm pretty sure I hated Tuesdays With Morrie, too. Although to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I read it. I might only have watched the made for TV movie.

  22. My husband is a big Richard Scarry fan. We even have a stuffed Lowly the Worm ... he's cute!

    My problem with the Russians is that they introduce someone by one name and then start calling them by another! Geesh!

  23. I'm glad to finally see you in the hot seat! LOL I love The Poisonwood Bible too and now feel like I have to read Eat, Pray, Love.

  24. YAY! It's good to see your answers to these questions :)

    Being an eclectic reader serves you well, you ahve a great blog!

  25. How chould you not like Tuesdays with Morrie? ;)
    Love this feature!

  26. Nice! Glad to hear your responses to these questions!

    The Poisonwood Bible has been on my TBR for awhile...I might have to bump it up! I enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love, except for the Love part, which I only liked :)

  27. I found your site from Nicole's mention (Linus's blanket) and am a new follower :).

    The only book I have reread as an adult it The Poisonwood Bible and I agree with you, everyone should read it.

    Have a great day!

  28. I'm so glad that you answered your own questions. Wonderful. I'm intimidated by the size of War & Peace and still have not finished it. I've only finished on Fyodor book -- Crime and Punishment -- and enjoyed it.

    I love eclectic blogs, which probably why I have one and read yours!

  29. Did you intentionally leave us hanging on #3? I'm just about to start The Poisonwood Bible for my IRL book club. I'm quite nervous about it because so many people love it and because I didn't really care for the only other Kingsolver book I read.


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