June 21, 2010

Reading & Blogging Deliberately in 2010- How are you doing at the halfway mark?

I have been lacking in enthusiasm lately for the blog and so I have decided to do a little investigating to uncover what I might be missing that could boost my interest level once again.

Many of us wrote a sort of manifesto at the beginning of this year about Reading and Blogging Deliberately in 2010.
I went back through my own goals for this year now that it is the half way point, and I see where I have met some goals and where I also have fallen way off the mark.

Goals I'm Accomplishing:

First, for the goals I am actually doing something with this year.
  • I am reading more fiction books. I read a lot of nonfiction and last year read more NF than fiction. I wanted to read more stories from the world of imagination and I have done that so far.
  • I am continuing to read books that take expose me to world cultures, which you know is one of my favorite aspects of reading. I have read about the Ancient Egyptians, about Whitopias in America, about people of all backgrounds and cultures stuck in an Indian passport office after an earthquake, and I know more of these stories will be read this year because they capture my interest the most.
  • I am giving myself more permission to read spontaneously, although I am still a bit behind in my ARCs. I am not even accepting anymore because I am just done with having the responsibility of finishing them in some sort of timely manner. Or having to finish them period sometimes.
  • I am participating only in challenges that interest me and not doing ones just because I feel like I should. I have even stopped with two because I was finding it more trouble than fun and reading should never be cumbersome.
  • I am doing more 20 Questions Interviews with bloggers, yay.
  • I am still rocking the Book List meme, although it is hit and miss at this point. But I've been told I better not give up on it, so that's good feedback at least.
Goals That I am Totally Bombing:

  • I read 93 books last year and wanted to make 100 this year. I am only up to 40 read at the halfway mark. I think it is because I had a couple of months at the beginning of the year where I was burnt out, but I do want to at least make 93 again and hopefully more.
  • I said I would not feel guilty for blogging irregularly or if I had 2 posts one day and none the next. I also said I would post more in advance. Oh, I am totally failing at this one. I am looking at each week's like 4 posts and thinking, really? This is all I did? Why does it feel like I did more? Suckage. And guilt.
  • I am commenting more on blogs than I did, but I am still not up to par on where I want to be. I read your posts, I do. But I am not commenting. Which sucks, because I know how it feels when people don't comment on your posts and I really need to take an extra 3 minutes to post a comment or two.
  • I am on meme overload. I need more reviews written and more bookish discussions going. I am not working so I have the time I just need the focus. I can do it, yes I can!
  • I need to do more author interviews and guest posts. I need to organize all the guest posts that were awarded for finishing my Colorful Reading Challenge last year.

So this is where I stand right now. How are you doing with your resolutions? Are you making lots of progress or are you stagnant or somewhere in between? I would love to know how everyone else is doing with their goals.


  1. I was on FIRE the first quarter - I read something like 75 books. After that? Not so much. . . I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, though.

  2. I second the 'no giving up on The Book List' demand! I love that meme - I look forward to it all week now!

  3. I totally stink at keeping goals and resolutions so I didn't set any, but I really should. It looks like you're doing great to me.

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog! I just want to say that I wouldn't let the guilt eat you up. It should be a fun thing for you, when you feel pressure it takes away from it. We are all here to read it when you do post!

  5. Reading (and blogging) should be fun-I think sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves! A mid year review is a great idea to give one focus (and one I am going to steal!). BTW, you could catch fire and finish 2010 with a massive amount of books read :)

  6. Janssen- I hope we both catch on fire again! I think we need some just very intriguing and entertaining books to fall in our laps.

    celi.a- Thank you for the compliment! You rock! And thank you for participating every week. You rock double time! lol

    Kathy- Thank you, that means a lot. It doesn't feel like I am making progress, I can say that much. But you do so well without resolutions that you can be proud of that!

    Stephanie- Thanks for rockin' the encouragement! You made my day. :D

    Coffeymuse- I agree. This exercise will probably help light a fire under me and get my mojo back again. Feel free to steal the idea! I think it has the potential to help everyone get re-organized. Thanks for the encouragement, too!

  7. Good luck with getting back into the swing of things. Sometimes that is all it takes - a reap of what you have achieved followed by a recap of what you want to.

  8. You're doing very well! I don't have a resolution because I know I won't stick to it anyway, hehe.

  9. Becky- Thank you! It does put things back in perspective for me.

    Melody- Thanks! I completely understand your stance on resolutions. It's something I only really started trying to follow through with since my dad passed. It seems I just float along and wonder why I haven't accomplished anything. Oh, it was because I didn't have goals and had no direction! lol I'm trying!

  10. You seem to be doing very well, plus your "Take Me Away" posts are interesting (I know that takes time to do!)

    I didn't make any goals for reading this year -- but you got me curious how many books I've read so far. I did a quick count and it looks like 33, plus a couple DNFs. More than I thought, but not as many as you or other bloggers!

    But, speaking of goals, I'm trying to set some for other parts of my life -- and they're temporarily out the window while my kids are home for the summer. Ah well, when they go back is when I actually feel like it's a "new year".

  11. I have to admit, I totally gave up my reading goals this year. Whoosh. Out the window. I've decided I need to make goals on a quarterly basis from now on out.

  12. Must admit, I admire anyone who sticks to goals like the ones you've set yourself, so well done!

    But I know could never stick to any really specific goal, so I don't make any - I have a TBR list, but then I'll go and read a new book which isn't on it because it caught my eye, or a friend lent it to me. My only two general goals this year were to read more of Shakespeare's plays and to read more poetry, and I've done both. I also have a rule of having one non-fic and one fiction book on the go at the same time, which I've done for the last two years now. I keep a list of how many books I've read but I'm not interested in reading a specific number - some years I'll only read 40 books, some it's 60 - but the list is mainly to remind me of roughly when I read a particular book or author.

    Blogging goals? I don't have any - I just post on my blog as and when - but I do try to make an effort to comment on other people's blogs. Reading is for fun, not to induce guilt. Having said that, some challenges are fun to try because they make you seek out new authors. (Sorry, this comment is much longer than I thought!)

  13. That's a boatload of goals. So I don't think you should feel guilty about anything you don't accomplish. Sounds to me like you are learning about your priorities and working on the stuff that makes you happiest. I've always felt that it isn't the # of books you read so much as reading books that you really enjoyed. I could read 50 books in a year and feel great about that goal - but if I only read 5 books all year that I loved, I'd be disappointed. Now, if I only read 30 books in a year, but loved 15 of them - I'd prefer that result. Picking quality books to spend time with and taking time to enjoy them is what it should be all about.

    As for catching up on your commenting, yesterday I did a guest post sharing my new strategy for taking control of my Reader which has allowed me tons more time to stay in touch with all the blogs I follow. You can read the post here - I think you'd enjoy it:


  14. Sounds like you are doing pretty good with your resolutions! I am totally sucking at mine right now. I've not read, commented, or blogged as much as I wanted or intended to this year. But, it's only June...!

  15. You're doing great! There many be areas you want to improve in, but try not to feel too guilty. I think it's time I look back on my reading and blogging goals to see how I've done so far.I think I agree with you about ARCs. I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Good luck on your goals.

  16. Making and meeting resolutions can be so difficult. Still, it looks like you are doing a pretty great job. I have to say I love setting goals for me: goals for reading better and blogging better, goals for being a better commenter ... but it is so difficult to actually meet those goals. But the fact that you own up to the fact that life gets in the way sometimes is good. Maybe we aren't always supposed to meet our goals anyway - it gives us something to strive for later on.

    Jennifer @ www.justicejennifer.com

  17. Now, don't laugh at me since I am replying to this post so late!! :)

    I think that you are doing great! You are not alone on the reviews either. I have been horrible about posting them and hope to write a bunch next week while I am on vacation. I think my shelf where I keep the books that I need to review is about to break in half these days!! Keep up the good work and know that I am here reading, though I may be behind in commenting most of the time!!


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