June 22, 2010

Guest Posts for 2009 Colorful Challenge Participants

If you finished the 2009 Colorful Reading Challenge you may remember that the prize was a guest post on my blog. Well, my ADD brain just remembered I have not followed through with this and my apologies! If your name is listed here than you get a guest post on the blog. Write about whatever you want as long as it is related to books, reading, blogging, or writing. E-mail me your post (mycreativeimagination) (at) (yahoo) (dot) (com) and we'll get it set up! Thanks for being patient with my slack ass. Haha!

1. J.G. of Hot Potch Cafe
2. Kerri of Book Ends
3. Lynda of Lynda's Book Blog
4. Rose City Reader
5. Tracey of A Book Sanctuary

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to. These are the only ones I am aware of that finished. If you did and want to guest post on the blog, e-mail me a list of your posts from the challenge.


  1. I guess I forgot as well - otherwise I would probably have been harassing you - LOL. I'll think about what I'd like to post and get back to you shortly. I'm also planning to sign up for 2010 and I've already read a white book. Speaking of slack ass ...

  2. I haven't completed the challenge, and when I read this post, I thought I was late... lol... then I read the original sign up and realized I have till the end of the year. Had me going...

    Congrats to those who finished already.

  3. I had forgotten there was a prize, so we are even. :-)

    Give me a chance to think of something good enough and I'll be back in touch. What fun! Thanks, Rebecca.


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