June 17, 2010

Can You Handle This? It's Raych on 20 Questions.

I am pleased as punch to bring you the spectacularly sarcastic, the wonderfully witty, the bookishly beautiful Raych of books i done read! (I can hear you! Yaaaaaaayyyy! I know!) Thanks, Raych, for gracing us with your presence and helping to get our daily Raych fix. :)

1. MY EARLIEST MEMORY OF READING: My mom brought me A Little Princess when I was young and flu-ish and I read it cover-to-cover and went back to read it again (as was my wont) but couldn't, because how can you hang out with blithe, kindly Sarah Crewe when you know what cruel, starving torment she's going to endure?

2. THE FIRST BOOK I READ OVER AND OVER: Not A Little Princess, obviously.

3. A CHILDREN’S BOOK EVERY CHILD SHOULD READ: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus because dude, LESSON LEARNED.

4. THE BOOK I HAVE RE-READ THE MOST TIMES: All of The Chronicles of Narnia except the last one, because even though there is a newer, better Narnia in the after-life the old Narnia is still dead, and that's sadder than I care to deal with on the regular.

5. MY FAVORITE PLACE TO READ: My red recliner with footstool, so that I'm lying almost down, but am upright enough to eat snacks.


7. THE NUMBER OF BOOKS I OWN (YOU CAN GUESS): I'm only around the 200-mark, because we move so often and books are heavy.

8. MY BOOKSHELVES ARE: the thing that Joel resents the most every time we have to move.

9. THE NUMBER OF BOOKS ON MY TBR LIST (THAT I HAVE NOT AQUIRED YET): Somewhere between 200-300. I would know this more accurately if I didn't overlap my book tracking sites.

10. THE WAY I KEEP TRACK OF BOOKS I WANT TO READ: Goodreads because that's where everyone hangs out, and Shelfari because I prefer their widgets.

11. THE LAST BOOK I RECEIVED/BOUGHT: I got Marie Phillips' Gods Behaving Badly for my birthday, and I've been hanging on to it for a plane trip coming up because it's long but not too long.

12. A BOOK THAT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE IN SOME WAY: Gone With the Wind made me love really long, meandering epics in which nothing really seems to happen because it's all spread out over so many pages.

13. A BOOK I LIKE THAT NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO: Black Swan Green by David Mitchell, but that's only because no one has read it. READ IT, people. It will warm your cockles.

14. A BOOK I DON’T LIKE THAT EVERYONE ELSE SEEMS TO LOVE: I am the only person in the world who hated Markus Zusak's The Book Thief, and I hated it a lot.

15. A BOOK THAT INTIMIDATES ME: The Odyssey and The Iliad. I feel like I would need a class full of like-minded students to bolster me through these.

16. IF I COULD GO TO ANY LITERARY DESTINATION I WOULD CHOOSE: One of Gatsby's flapper parties. And HOO BOY, would I flap.

17. THREE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS: Connie Willis, Bill Bryson, and because he has just written a book on style and is therefore now an author in addition to being my most huggable celebrity, Tim Gunn.



20. THREE BOOK BLOGGERS I WOULD LIKE TO SEE FEATURED IN THE FUTURE: Carolyn Crane from The THRILLIONTH Page, the Bibliolatrist from Bibliolatry, and Jane Doe from Dead White Guys Lit

I've never read Gone with the Wind, but I did see the movie and it didn't inspire me to love long epic films (even though it was worth watching that once), so do you think it would do anything for my book-reading lack-of-attention-span? Just sayin'. Oh, and I couldn't get into The Book Thief when I first tried to read it. People have questioned my sanity.

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  1. I love Raych's hilarious blog! And this was great fun to read, too. But really, the pigeon SHOULD be allowed to drive the bus if that is his chief ambition in life. Reality? Pshaw, it's all about making dreams come true!

  2. Great interview! I loved A Little Princess too, but yeah -- who'd want to go through all that misery a second time?

  3. So how upright do you actually have to be to consume snacks?

  4. I enjoy reading Raych's blog and find myself amazed at how witty and sarcastic she is...love it!

  5. I love "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" I bought it for my son when he was around five months - I think I used him as an excuse to buy more books. Anyway, I couldn't stop laughing. He's two now and still thinks it's funny when we read it together. Great call!

  6. Gods Behaving Badly is hilarious! My daughter loved the pigeon book.


  7. Loved this -- Raych makes me laugh when no one else can. Thanks!

  8. I'm a big fan of Raych ... but I'm SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED that she hated "The Book Thief." I do think she might be the only person in the world who hated the book. But I'll forgive her because she makes me laugh on a regular basis. And I would love to see the Dead White Guys blogger too .. she is like a Raych clone!

  9. The funniest person blogging, without a doubt!

  10. Oh Raych, you need to make my book friends your book friends - they ALL love Black Swan Green (and everything else written by David Mitchell)!

  11. I agree with Aarti, the Pigeon should drive the bus but only if he asks nicely.

  12. I think that the narrator of The Book Thief has a wry and sarcastic tone much like Raych's, but with a different attitude. No wonder she doesn't like the book--too much similarity!

  13. I haven't read Gone With the Wind but did read the offshoot Rett Butler's People and enjoyed it. Given the fact that Margaret Mitchell didn't write it it was not as long and meandering, though I admit it did stroll liesurely.


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