June 14, 2010

BBAW is Baaaaackkkk!

Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) is already upon us! Can you believe it? This year BBAW will be the week of September 13th-17th. Registration is now open and all bloggers who would like to participate can register at the BBAW website.

Please note that there is a change this year. Bloggers are being asked to register for a particular blogging niche (ex. Speculative Fiction, YA, nonfiction, cultural book blog) and, if they wish to be considered for an award, to select 5 posts they think would best represent their "expertise" within that niche. Bloggers are then required to publish a post with the links to those five chosen posts.

I know that my blog probably falls into the Eclectic category. However I am terrible at choosing my best work so I am a little apprehensive about doing it. (If you would like to suggest posts, I'd be willing to hear you out.) But then, there is the fact that there are so many excellent blogs that fit into this niche. I don't know how I would stand a chance. I don't know if I'd even vote for me! lol

However, I DO intend on voting! Make sure you do register with BBAW if you want to vote. You don't have to register for an award, but you do have to register if you want to vote- and you know you want to vote! You can also register to host a giveaway, which I am considering doing this year.

If you want to understand the reasoning behind the changes then head over to the BBAW site and read this post which I found very helpful.

Are you as excited as I am about BBAW?? Are you registering for an award? Which niche? Are you going to host a giveaway or participate in any extra ways?


  1. I put my blog up for the Eclectic category and then I saw how many other people did the same! Crazy. But I'm glad so many people are participating.

  2. I was a little apprehensive about the "register yourself" thing in the beginning, but it was helpful to read and listen to the rationale. Makes a lot of sense!

  3. Like your new look.

    And I did think the article explaining the rationale was very helpful. I did my post today too.

  4. Your blog is looking great!!!

  5. Very cute new design.

    I am registering for BBAW, as an eclectic blog. It was hard to pick the posts, but I just had to read through my blog for this year. I think I've picked out the best ones, but there's always that doubt in the back your mind that you should have gone with something else!

  6. I'm planning to register for Eclectic Blog too, more because I want to join in the fun (and it's an interesting exercise to pick out my five "best" or "most representative" posts) than because I think I'm the best (I don't). I haven't done it yet, though.

    I love your new look!

  7. I think that a good percentage of the blogs will end up signing up for the eclectic category and that it might need to be broken down a bit more next year. I wrote up my post but doubt I will make it very far. Oh well! I think you should go for it too!

  8. Honestly, Rebecca, I think instead of registering for eclectic that you should register under cultural diversity or nonfiction. I thought of your blog first when I saw those categories.

  9. I signed up as a participant this year, but not to be up for awards! I will be voting though and I am very excited to see who will be in the eclectic category, especially considering that is where I tend to lump myself and many of my favorite blogs!!


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