May 18, 2010

What's Been on Your TBR List the Longest

The Book List is just a short and fun meme that allows you to share books and make a list of books! Who doesn't love lists?!?

This Week's Topic is:

The 3 Books that Have Been on Your TBR List the Longest

So here is my personal list:

1. Emma by Jane Austen (ok, all of the Austen books I haven't read, which include all but P&P and Persuasion, but that would be cheating...)

2. Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver (Been on the list since it came out in 2001 because I loved her book, The Poisonwood Bible, but somehow I've never gotten to it.)

3. Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald (I read and loved The Great Gatsby in high school and immediately wanted to read other things by Fitzgerald. The only other thing I have managed to read though is the short story, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This book is an anthology of short stories.)

So what about you? What books have been lingering on your TBR list the longest? Tell us all about it:
  • Write a post on your blog that is a list of 3 books pertaining to the topic above. It can be super short or long and windy. Choose your own M.O. :)
  • You may include photos with your lists, especially if that helps illustrate your point.
  • You link back to the week's post here on Lost in Books in your post so if someone else wants to play, they can find their way here.
  • Then you come here and leave your link in the Mr. Linky so other people can find your post and your list!
  • There is no obligation to post every single week. Participate when you can!
Join in!


  1. I don't even want to think about this!! You do need to read Prodigal Summer, though.

  2. I love Jane Austen, but Emma isn't my favorite. It's still Austen though, so you should read it. The Tales of the Jazz Age is a good collection.

  3. You should read Prodigal Summer! I liked it almost as much as Poisonwood Bible. Hated Emma, though.

  4. I have some books on the ol' TBR pile that have been there a loooooong time.

  5. I haven't even read The Poisonwood Bible yet, even though that's also one of the titles on my TBR that I really, really need to read.

  6. This is a good question!!! I actually just knocked off one of mine (Everything Is Illuminated) and hope to knock off another this year (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay). I find that Reading Challenges help me to tackle those books that I "want" to read but tend to "avoid" repeatedly.

  7. I must confess that I didn't really like Emma. It's the only Austen novel I couldn't get into. And I don't like the movie versions, either! *sigh*

    Good luck getting into these books. I've heard good things about all of them. And nice list!

  8. +JMJ+

    Yay! I've joined this week! =D

    PS--Rebecca, do you think you could post the topics in advance again? Pretty please? =)

  9. Although I'm a big fan of Kingsolver, I hated Prodigal Summer; thought it was propaganda only thinly disguised as fiction, and the disguise fell away by the "ending" which wasn't at all satisfactory. So I wouldn't be in a hurry to get to that one.

  10. I thought Prodigal Summer was terrific, and I've liked everything by Jane Austen. I liked The Great Gatsby, but I've never read anything else by Fitzgerald.

  11. Prodigal Summer is my favorite Barbara Kingsolver book! You should read it this summer.


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