May 5, 2010

Web of Deceit by Darlene Cox

From the beginning of this novel, Cox weaves an interesting story of mystery, intrigue, adventure, secrets, and crime.  I liked the way the story was engaging immediately and gave you just enough information to keep the pages turning.

However, I did find some flaws with the writing.  There is a heavy use of flashback.  At first this makes the story interesting but after a while it just gets boring and repetitive.  There are also times when I felt like the writing was dumbed-down.  I read a review that compared Cox's writing to Patterson.  There is no comparison because Patterson doesn't assume that the reader cannot assume anything on their own and must be told every detail.  I also felt that the further along in the book I got, the lazier the writing became.  This has probably just as much to do, however, with a sloppy editing job as a sloppy writing job.  A better editor would have caught this and continued to help Cox tighten up the story throughout.

Overall, I think the story line is a good one but it could have been much more.

BOOK #: 23
RATING: 2.5 Stars
FOR CHALLENGES: 100+, ARC Challenge, A to Z Challenge, Countdown Challenge
GENRE: Fiction, Crime Novel
PUBLISHER: Outskirts Press (c) 2009
FORMAT/PAGES: Paperback/272
HEY, FCC!: I got this book from Bostick Communications for review purposes.


  1. Shame that you didn't enjoy this one more - it kind of sounds like the sort of book that promises a lot more than it delivers Thanks for sharing your interesting and candid review


  2. What a bummer...the potential was there but it just didn't deliver..maybe you should be an editor??? :) Do you think that would be a fun job or do you think it would eventually stamp out our love of reading?

  3. Thanks for your review - I think I'll skip this one.

  4. I HATE dumbed down writing!!!


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