May 11, 2010

A Review That Turned Into a Rant

Sometimes people don't make sense to me at all.

I really enjoyed reading The Washingtonienne. In fact, I devoured most of it in one night. I thought it was a refreshing change of pace from the normal mushy-gushy chick-lit and I also thought it was refreshingly honest and brazen. It's like The Washington Post put it "It's Washington's version of Sex and the City." Well, the Samantha Jones part at least.

While I don't think it is a book for everyone, there seems to be people who think people who have substance-abuse problems, depression, and personality disorders are worth blasting. I actually think these reviews make these people come off as kind of arrogant, self-righteous and uneducated. I would also love to know their take on schizophrenics and victims of child abuse and domestic abuse. Perhaps they'd like to throw some more colorful adjectives around.

The Washingtonienne is a book based off of a real-person's life. Maybe her lifestyle as a sexually promiscuous young woman involved in affairs, binge drinking, and cocaine use is not something that you can understand, but these are actually all symptoms of several different diseases. And, believe it or not, they can also just simply be lifestyle choices that are different from yours. So you don't like sexually promiscuous people. Fine. Don't be one. But stop spreading your hate crime all over the place just because you don't understand something. There is not just one brand of "normal". In fact, normalcy is very relative, which people would know if they took ten minutes to climb out of their own egos to look around for a minute.

I am just really disgusted that there are still people in this world who don't understand anything outside of their own small plains of existence. Perhaps I should start some hate campaigning against you for being small-minded and shallow. You have more in common with the character in this book than you even realize.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions so I am not saying you shouldn't have yours. I'm just saying don't be such a damn hypocrite.

That is my rant.

Read the book if you would like to read a story about a young woman of 25 who moves to D.C. and about her adventures in the Senate and with the Senate. And if you don't mind a story about what happens as a result of her choices therein. It does contain strong language along with the sexual material.

BOOK #: 26
RATING: 4 Stars
FOR CHALLENGES: Random Reading Challenge, 100+ in 2010, Countdown Challenge, New Authors Challenge
GENRE: Fiction, Chick-Lit
FORMAT/PAGES: Paperback/291
HEY, FCC!: I bought this book.


  1. Wow, great rant - I hope that helped you get it out of your system. Sounds like a good book, easy to read, but challenging in the situations that it presents. Thanks for the honest review

  2. I guess the author really hit upon some button pushers! Glad you enjoyed it. I love a book that gets my blood pumping.

  3. I don't understand people that judge others so harshly either. We all have our own issues, our own choices we make - make yours and I'll make mine. Seriously!

    And I'm a fan of "deeper" chick-lit, so I may enjoy this one! Thanks for letting me know about it.

  4. Hm. In one way, I completely agree with you: people can be stupidly judgmental about life choices that differ from their own. On the other hand, I know that it bothers me when I read a book with a protagonists whose choices I consider (I hate saying this, I feel like this makes me a bad reader) immoral. When I'm meant to consider a protagonist as a "good" character (which is usually, right?), they don't have to be making good sensible choices all the time, but I at least don't want them to be what I would consider to be bad people. Like, be perpetually careless of others, and not ever notice or feel sorry for being damaging to the people around them.

    Sexual promiscuity isn't my particular hang-up, but I wonder if my criticism of protagonists I consider to be unsympathetic, for my reasons, is any fairer.

  5. I guess I've missed the reviews you were ranting about. One of the reasons I love to read is so that I can experience things that are different from my normal life.

  6. Great rant. I hate small mindedness as well.

  7. Sometimes we all need to rant. While it doesn't necessarily sound like a book I'll read, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I do love the cover.

  8. Well, that makes me REALLY want to read the book!!! I hope your very right-on rant helped you blow off some much-needed steam.

  9. Ew. She doesn't have sex with creepy old senators, does she?

  10. I love it when you're passionate about something!!! Makes me so want to read this one!

  11. Many thoughts. 1. I wish I knew what your rant referred to. 2. I loved this totally trashy book, read it in one afternoon. 3. I think they are turning it into an HBO series, or maybe Showtime. 4. The blog it was based on led to her being sued by the boyfriend/staffer in the her office. I don't think he got too far with the suit. 5. Even though I loved the book, I don't think I ever felt sympathy or empathy for her, maybe a little antipathy...6. Would you agree with a previous commenter who mentioned something about "deeper" chick-lit? Because I agree with you that the brazen honesty of this one is refreshing, but deep it is not.

  12. So what sparked this rant? I am really curious! I don't know why people are so judgmental of others' behavior, whether it has its roots in addiction or lifestyle choices. I have always felt comfortable with my monogamous lifestyle. I think some people aren't and are jealous of all the "sinning" other folks are doing. I know that sounds odd, but I have met people who come across that way.

  13. I love this rant! I haven't read any of the negative reviews so I have no basis for my opinion - except that I agree with you.

  14. Love the rant and it sounds like a fun book!

  15. First of all, thanks everybody for the comments!

    Becky- Thanks :) And I like the way you put that.

    Nicole- The character leads a life that some would say is morally questionable or "wrong". I can see where someone would think this, but it just upsets me because it says in the book why she is acting this way and it's not just because she only cares about herself. Her actions do not suggest she takes care of herself well, either, so I don't really see how anyone could say she was truly a bitch. Bitchy behavior a lot of times, yes, but not an overall bitch. She does care about other people, but she is kind of selective about who she cares about and how much and in what way.

    Heather- I know, right? I wouldn't say this is really a "deep" book. It is definitely chick-lit. While it does touch on why her behavior is probably as it is, it doesn't delve deeply into it. It's still pretty superficial, even if it does "go there."

    jennysbooks- I see what you are saying and I guess that while I might feel a character is not someone I would want to, say, hang out with, I still don't want to pass harsh judgment on them. I dunno, maybe I am "not normal" like that. ;)

    Kathy- That is one reason I like to read, too. I love to take it away from my comfort zone. Which I guess is why I don't get it sometimes when other people don't like that. If reading is a form of escapism, why escape to a similar reality to your own all the time? The reviews I have seen were mostly on Goodreads, but also a couple of other places. Not any book bloggers that I am aware of.

    Pam- Thanks! I knew you'd get me. :)

    carolsnotebook- Thank you. And the cover is awesome, isn't it?

    Peaceful Reader- It did! I slept like a baby afterwards. :) If you do read the book, I'd love to know your take on it.

    Tasha- No. It is not the Senators she is sleeping with, although they are definitely creepy with a capital C and other people are certainly doing it. She sees some Senate staff members (well, that is all she sees from the Hill...)

    Staci- Haha thanks! I thought it was a pretty good read. Obviously. :)

  16. Thomas-
    Thanks for your great comment! I'll answer your thoughts one at a time, as you posed them to me.
    1. Mostly to reviews found on Goodreads and one kind of in particular, although I don't like the idea of calling him/her out on it because it is still his/her opinion. But if you are really interested, you can probably figure out which ones, at least there, that inspired me. :)
    2. I read it in 2 days, mostly in one night. Which is not something I really do. My attention span sucks. So that says a lot for the book, really.
    3. I could totally see that working. Too bad I don't get HBO or Showtime. :/
    4. Ah, interesting. I was curious if she ended up with any lawsuits.
    5. I think I did feel a little empathetic towards her at the end of the book. Of course empathy is something I seem to do naturally so maybe I am just more able to place myself in her shoes. But I think I also felt like man I would hate for everyone to be so judgmental towards me if I ended up screwing up big somehow. Especially since she apparently had some issues going on her whole life that set the stage for her play, if you will.
    6. I agree with you. While it does touch on a deep issue, it is still on a pretty superficial level.

    laughingstars- I have met these people, too. I have met people who think it is their job to be the moral code for everyone on the planet. As if they are gods or something. I say there are definitely lifestyles and choices I strongly disagree with (rapists and murderers come to mind) but I'm not going to tell people who are not hurting other people to change their lifestyle because I am not comfortable with it. That is MY problem, not theirs. And people don't realize that their moral compass is not my moral compass. Oh, and, as I said above, the rant was inspired by some reviews I read, some at Goodreads, some elsewhere. Not any book bloggers (that I am aware of).

    Trisha- If you do read them, let me know what you think then! lol Thanks. :)

    Lisa- Thank you. And I thought it was an interesting story! If you read it, I'd like to know what you think.

  17. See, a story is a story. They can't all be about wonderful Mary Sues. Although it seems like if there is a perfect heroine, that is always trying to do right - the author gets criticized by some people who say "Mary Sue!". Then if we have a heroine who is not perfect, then omg, the author gets criticized because the character is unlikeable.

    Whatever - there are many stories out there, just as there are many lifestyles and if we all read the same story over and over - life would be boring.

  18. Characters should be flawed, just like people! Sure, sometimes a character is hard to relate to because their issues are unfamiliar, but is that a bad thing?

  19. Yay for rants! good for you! This book has me curious


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