May 6, 2010

In My Mailbox

I haven't done a Mailbox Monday/In My Mailbox post in for-ever.  I wasn't receiving that many books for a long time.  But last week I received a big box of books from B&N, thanks to a gift card (and some totally awesome bargains I might add), and I also received some Book Mooch books lately and I haven't even shown you the ARCs I have received that are still to come.  I know everyone likes to stare at covers, so bon appetit! :)

Big Box O' Books via $25 B&N Gift Card

ARC Pile (in no particular order)


Gifts from Friends & Family and Books Won (The Lovely Bones is an audiobook.)

My Shopping Spree at the used book store a couple of months ago


  1. made some great purchases. The covers are lovely on almost all of them; enjoy.

  2. What a great new bunch of books! I'm totally jealous of the Dave Barry book!

  3. Happy reading!

    The Lovely Bones is a sensitive subject, but totally amazing story!

  4. I really want to read The Reliable Wife! You have such fun choices!! Happy Reading.

  5. Looks like you just knocked over a bookstore!!! LOL...I told my husband not to post that picture of me in my bra!

  6. oh my goodness! that's a lot of books!

    i don't even know which ones to comment about. of those posted, i've only read This One is Mine and The Namesake and both were pretty good.

    i've been meaning to pick up Fireworks Over Toccoa myself. and i LOVE the cover of Sweet Dates in Basra. it's beautiful.

    good luck getting all of those read!

  7. Wow! You got a lot of great ones here!

    I have been wanting The Last Queen for so long now, but haven't had money to buy it. I'm hoping I'll come across it cheap somewhere or win a gift card so I can get it!

  8. There are some truly gorgeous book covers in that list, and also some fascinating books.

    Fave book cover: The Secret Life of Josephine

    Most intriguing title: The Rose Veil.

  9. That's awesome. I have serious book envy now. ;)

    I went on a book buying splurge last week, too, now that I have a job. But again, when I will I read them? Now that I have a job I have no free time! Oh, irony.

  10. You're lucky, I never get anything from BookMooch! It so bad, I even considered quiting it and probably would if I didn't have so many books to give away!

  11. Sea of Poppies and the Ten Year Nap are both books I would love to have in my mailbox. You got a great collection of books this week.

  12. Wowza!!!

    And if you need someone to take Dave Barry off your hands when you are done, I'm your woman!

  13. Wow! That is such a great selection! The only one I've read is "That Summer" and I really liked it. But I have some others on my TBR pile(s), too, like Blue Bloods and A Reliable Wife. I think you have some awesome reading ahead of you!

  14. Wow!! Oh, how I know your feeling!! I went to an awesome book fair last weekend and came home with 40+ books!!!! When am I going to read them all!! Funny thing is . . . I also got a copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day! We should try to read it at the same time!


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