May 27, 2010

Heather J. is Here!!! 20 Q's

20 Questions with Heather J.!!

Today please welcome Heather, of one of the first fabulous blogs I discovered, Age 30+...A Lifetime of Books. Heather can also be found at Storie delle Sorelle Book Club Blog and at Heather's Creative Memories Website.

1. MY EARLIEST MEMORY OF READING: During my elementary school days I clearly remember many nights in my bed with a flashlight, with the covers pulled up over my head, reading one of my treasured fantasy novels while pretending to be asleep.

2. THE FIRST BOOK I READ OVER AND OVER: The first book I read to myself over and over was probably Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.

3. A CHILDREN’S BOOK EVERY CHILD SHOULD READ: It is out of print, but I’d recommend Seeds and More Seeds, by Millicent E. Selsam. This is the book I had my mom read over and over to me when I was little, and I still enjoy looking at it as an adult.

4. THE BOOK I HAVE RE-READ THE MOST TIMES: I’m not a re-reader (although I was when I was in middle and high school).

5. MY FAVORITE PLACE TO READ: In a reclining chair on the beach on a warm, breezy day.

6. MY MUST-HAVE READING ACCESSORIES: A book – no accessories required.

7. THE NUMBER OF BOOKS I OWN (YOU CAN GUESS): Probably around 200, but I’m actively trying to lower that number.

8. MY BOOKSHELVES ARE: Sagging from the weight of the books on them.


10. THE WAY I KEEP TRACK OF BOOKS I WANT TO READ: I email myself the blog post where I heard about the book (or simply a note telling myself where I heard about it) and put those emails into a TBR folder in my inbox. Whenever I want a new book to read I browse that email folder, and when I’ve read a book from the list I delete the original email.

11. THE LAST BOOK I RECEIVED/BOUGHT: A blogging buddy (who is actually NOT a book blogger) just sent me The Day The Falls Stood Still, by Cathy Marie Buchanan.

12. A BOOK THAT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE IN SOME WAY: Definitely The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien. This is the book that started my love of reading in general and fantasy specifically.

13. A BOOK I LIKE THAT NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO: There are many people who can’t stand one of my all-time favorite books: Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte.

14. A BOOK I DON’T LIKE THAT EVERYONE ELSE SEEMS TO LOVE: My Antonia, by Willa Cather … that book bores me to tears. Oh, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams … I find it more stupid than funny.

15. A BOOK THAT INTIMIDATES ME: The Brothers Karamazov, and also Anna Karenina – both are books that I really want to read, but I’m sort of freaked out by them.

16. IF I COULD GO TO ANY LITERARY DESTINATION I WOULD CHOOSE: At the moment I’d like to go to Lyme Regis and comb the beaches for fossils, after reading Tracy Chevalier’s Remarkable Creatures.

17. THREE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS: Robert Jordan, Barbara Kingsolver, and Laurie R. King


19. MY BOOK BLOG STANDS OUT FROM THE CROWD BECAUSE: I’m not usually reading the same books as many other bloggers.

20. THREE BOOK BLOGGERS I WOULD LIKE TO SEE FEATURED IN THE FUTURE: Allie from A Literary Odyssey, Raych from books i done read, and Bibliolatrist from Bibliolatry

You're in luck, Heather! Allie recently did answer 20 Questions. Here is the link. I am adding Raych and Bibliolatrist to my list!

~Coming Up on 20 Questions!~

Surprise Blogger!! Can you guess who it might be?


  1. I like her idea for keeping track of books she wants to read. IT would be like reaching into a prize box!!!

    And I would love to see Raych do this too ... she is a hoot!

  2. That is a great idea for keeping track of books. But I would probably forget to e-mail the post to myself. :P

  3. Great questions! I love her idea of how to track your TBR. Right now I use Goodreads but I could picture myself scrolling through all of those emails and feeling like I was on a treasure hunt!

  4. Man I wish I was that organized. I have difficulty keeping track of TBR books and recommendations. Heather needs to organize my life. :)

  5. Thanks for featuring me! This was a lot of fun! :)

  6. +JMJ+

    I can't stand The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy either! I always found it a little misanthropic, and wondered whether there was something wrong with me because everyone else seemed crazy about it. I was once in a group of international students--one from Canada, one from New Zealand, one from Sweden, and myself from the Philippines--being the only one who didn't like it and wondering what in the world I had missed . . . and why in the world no one else could see the one canker I couldn't get over!

  7. I was getting excited about how much I have in common with this blogger until I got to her lack of appreciation for Douglas Adams!

  8. I tried The Brothers Karamazov and couldn't get past page 60. It was so dry and boring but it shouldn't have been because it was about patricide.

    Sounds like my bookshelves are in the same shape LOL.



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