May 4, 2010

Books You've Read Over and Over and Over

The Book List is just a short and fun meme that allows you to share books and make a list of books! Who doesn't love lists?!?

This Week's Topic is:

Books You've Read Over and Over and Over and...
Do you know if you type "over" enough, it starts to look funny?

So here is my personal list:
1. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
This is the novel that got me into reading again as an adult. It is still the only book that I have read twice since I've been an adult (which is twelve years, if you're asking. :P).

2. The Babysitter's Club: Babysitters On Board by Ann M. Martin
As my mother can attest to, this book was constantly in my hands as a pre-teen. I know exactly why I liked this book, too. First, it was full of adventure that I had never known. At the time I had never been anywhere more interesting than my grandparents' home in Atlanta. I had not been to Disney World yet so that was completely different for me, and I still have not been on a cruise (but if you're offering, I'm taking! What? I'm just saying..)

Second, I really liked that each of the main characters got their own story lines and chapters. The chapters rotated through the main girls so that each was telling the story of their trip through their own experiences. It was the first book I read where this happened and I loved it. And I still like novels that do that to this day (The Poisonwood Bible also has this feature.)

3. Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever
Anyone who has read my About Me page knows that this was my first bookish love. This book is a dream come true to a kid with ADD who likes to read. I learned how to spell a lot of words through this book, too. I like to think it helped me ace those spelling tests that came later. I also got to use my imagination and creativity and make up stories about what was going on in the pictures, since the book was really a picture dictionary and did not have its own stories. I made up stories about the rabbits in their house, the bears working on the farm, the circus, the garden, even the grocery store page could lend itself to a story (as anyone who has seen or had or been a child who wanted candy in the checkout lane could attest to.)
The Rabbits in their house

So what about you? What books have you read over and over? Why do (or did) you love them? What keeps you coming back for more? Tell us all about it:
  • Write a post on your blog that is a list of 3 books pertaining to the topic above. It can be super short or long and windy. Choose your own M.O. :)
  • You may include photos with your lists, especially if that helps illustrate your point.
  • You link back to the week's post here on Lost in Books in your post so if someone else wants to play, they can find their way here.
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Join in!


  1. I've never been able to fall in love with anything else by Kingsolver, but I adored The Poisonwood Bible.

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  3. Nice meme...I will be posting my link soon :)

  4. I re-read the Poisonwood Bible every year. In fact, there are a lot of books I read over and over: The Color Purple and To Kill A Mockingbird are two others. Also Lord of the Flies and Moby Dick.And Gulliver's Travels...

  5. I really don't remember any books before elementary school. The book that comes to mind for me is Little Women.

  6. Ooooo, this is so cute! I am going to do this meme tomorrow! But to add to your meme this is super easy:

    The Little House series: I've re-read the entire series at LEAST a dozen times from the age of 8 to the present.

    The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, I have read the series twice and will be starting my 3rd round very soon.

  7. I got nothing ... as usual. But I'm not a big rereader either.

    Love love love the Scarry book!

  8. You put The Poisonwood Bible on there just to torture me, didn't you?

  9. I love this question. So hard to choose, but nice to stop and think about my favorite books.

  10. What a great meme! There are many novels that I've re-read over the years. I think I choose to re-read books that resonate with me -- with issues in my life and the kind of writing I want to do -- at any given point in my life.

  11. I also read that particular Baby Sitter's Club title more than once, but the one I reread the most was Boy Crazy Stacy (volume #8) because it was set at the beach.

  12. I love Kingsolver but haven't read The Poisonwood Bible yet!

  13. Yay! I'm taking part for the first time. Great question, and thanks for hosting this meme!

  14. I loved Babysitters on Board for the same reasons you did. I've still never been on a cruise either :(

  15. I'm not an adult yet, so I have no idea what you're talking about. ;)

  16. I love this one!! I love to re-read books and re-visit some great books and worlds and characters! I had a hard-time narrowing it down on this one, so I cheated a bit! In fact, I did a few lists in one post because I've been so far behind! Here's my massive post for you:

    Enjoy!! :)

  17. I love love love The Poisonwood Bible (her best book in my opinion, although I've enjoyed them all). I've only read it twice though!


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