April 12, 2010

National Library Week, April 11-17

This week is National Library Week. Each year the ALA has a theme and this year's theme is "Communities Thrive @ Your Library". Author Neil Gaiman is the Honorary Chair of Nat. Library Week 2010.

Libraries are amazing places. They give us information and knowledge, they give us ideas to brainstorm and new places to escape to in books, they lend us books, they let us use computers for free, they have free storytimes for children- there is a multitude of reasons we should support our local libraries.

This year I am in the Support Your Local Library Challenge, which is a wonderful challenge that encourages us to use our library to find books instead of simply the booksellers. Libraries are truly there for us in these hard economic times. What would a lot of us do without them? Read the same books over and over? Aggh! The horrors. I shudder. :)

Yes, libraries are important and we need to celebrate them being a cornerstone of our cities, towns, and lives. Here are some events that the ALA has coming up to celebrate this week:

  • Monday, April 12 - "The State of America's Libraries" report will be released.
  • Tuesday, April 13 - Celebrate ALA-APA's National Library Workers Day
  • Wednesday, April 14 - Celebrate the first annual National Bookmobile Day
  • Wednesday, April 14- ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom will release the “Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2009” list. Visit the Banned Books Week Web site.
  • Thursday, April 15 - Celebrate YALSA's Support Teen Literature Day

Also, here is a link on how the slow economy is creating an increase in library visits. Plus, how you can share with the world how you save money using the library!

Now, make like Levar Burton and Reading Rainbow and go use your local library to fuel your book binge this week!


  1. Thanks for the info. Looks like fun. I have to say I love that NLW pic!

    Thanks for popping by to my blog!


  2. Thats a nice idea - A National Library Week. I borrowed some books from the library recently which is rare for me, I am buyer not a borrower. But it was so good to be reminded that the libraries are there to be used, it makes reading so much more afforadable

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I completely forgot it was National Library Week.

    I'm definitely one of the people visiting the library more often lately. I'd been resistant for so long because I like owning my books, but there comes a point when girl just can't afford it anymore. The library has definitely been a lifesaver. ;)


  4. Yay for libraries...I love them! I did a short post on this today myself but yours is much better with more links!

  5. I have lots of book on hold at the library. I never used the library much until I started blogging and did not want to spend tons on new books. Yay for libraries also!!

  6. I didn't think Neil Gaiman could get much more awesome than he already did, but... well, there he goes again!


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