April 22, 2010

Michelle of The True Book Addict answers 20 Questions Today

This is the feature 20 Questions where we get to know our fellow book bloggers a little bit better! Today I want to welcome Michelle of the book blog, The True Book Addict. Thanks for sharing today, Michelle!

Last book you bought: I bought a TON of used books. Some notables from the last couple of batches...Wings by Aprilynne Pike and Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates. My most recent purchase of a new book was Angelology by Danielle Trussoni.

2. Last book you got in the mail: Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus which I'm reading for a blog tour with Other Shelf Tours.

3. The first book you read over and over: Little Women

4. Children’s book every child should read: The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

5. Favorite place to read: my huge armchair in my library

6. A book you bought just for the cover: The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber

7. Scariest book ever read: Hell House by Richard Matheson

8. Most romantic book ever read: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

9. Book that changed your life in some way: two books (read in high school) that started my lifelong passion for history (pre-history)--Chesapeake by James Michener and The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel

10. Book you’ve re-read the most times: Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice and Little Women

11. Book you needed the Cliff’s Notes for: Beowulf

12. Book you needed the dictionary for: can't recall, but I'm constantly looking up words!

13. Book you like that no one else seems to: I was surprised to hear several people didn't like The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I loved it!

14. Book you don’t like that everyone else seems to love: Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland

15. Number of books you own (you can guess): 1700+ fiction and probably 1000+ in non-fiction and Christmas books.

16. Number of books on your TBR list (that you have not acquired yet): anywhere from 50 to tens of thousands!

17. Must-have reading accessories: my snuggie, proper lighting (or a good reading light), a footstool or somewhere to put my feet up.

18. Literary Destination You Want to Go to: Medieval Europe or Hogwarts

19. Top Three Favorite Authors: Anne Rice, Stephen King, Jane Austen

20. Three Bloggers You Want to See Featured in the Future: Wordsmithonia, My World, Red Headed Book Child

Thanks for hosting such an awesome feature Rebecca!

Thank you for participating, Michelle! I loved reading your answers! I still need to read Wuthering Heights- been meaning to for forever! One of those books, you know?

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  1. I love reading these! Great questions and answers.
    Thanks Rebecca and Michelle!

  2. Thanks for having me Rebecca! This is such a great feature. =o)

    Thanks Lori!

  3. Little Women is the first book I remember reading over and over too.

  4. I want to go to Hogwarts too!! Pick me up and we'll take your 1000+ books with us!

  5. I'm loving this blog tour!

    I didn't like The Time Traveler's Wife, but I'm not sure that it really had anything to do with the book.

    I was halfway through the audiobook when I realized.... it was abridged. I was very bitter, and I think that hurt my impressions of it.

  6. Just wait until you read Little Vampire Women!

  7. I loved "The Little House" book!!!

    And I'm always SHOCKEd when someone DOESN'T like "The Time Traveller's Wife." I thought it was brilliant.

  8. What a great 20 Questions!

    thanks for suggesting me !

  9. Me too with Little Women, The Little House, and Chesapeake!

  10. Yay for Michelle. I'll join you on that trip to medieval Europe!

  11. I can't help but think about how you got those books to your new place! I bet packing (and unpacking) was endless! :--)

  12. I only discovered The Little House about a year ago!! That book is the cutest!!!


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