April 7, 2010

FreeVerse: Little Little Man

This weekly event is hosted by Cara from Ooh...Books!. Today I would like to share a poem that speaks to me as a survivor of emotional and verbal domestic abuse. I hope you find something in it, too.

Little Little Man by Alfonsina Storni
Little little man, little little man,
set free your canary that wants to fly.
I am that canary, little little man,
leave me to fly.

I was in your cage, little little man,
little little man who gave me my cage.
I say "little little" because you don't understand me
Nor will you understand.

Nor do I understand you, but meanwhile,
open for me the cage from which I want to escape.
Little little man, I loved you half an hour,
Don't ask me again.

More on the poet, Alfonsina Storni.


  1. A powerful little poem!

    I really enjoy all these extra doses of poetry through FreeVerse at Cara's!

  2. Harsh. Do you have a date for this poem?


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