April 23, 2010

Cultural Diversity Links

As you may know (especially if you follow this blog), April is Cultural Diversity Month. We have had Aarti and Mayra share about their own cultures and three more bloggers are slated to share their stories as well. I am excited!

Today I wanted to share some links to sites about culture and that promote cultural awareness that you may not have known about. They contain some very interesting information. Just take a look:

The World Monuments Fund keeps track of endangered cultural sites such as Tam Ting in Laos, Taos Pueblo in New Mexico, and the Historic Landscape of Sevilla in Spain. It creates a list of the most endangered cultural sites every year and works to preserve the cultural heritage.

The Matador Network is a "community of travelers, adventurers, and grassroots organizations." The network provides a dense archive of travel writing, environmentally-conscious articles, and essays on how to be more culturally aware as you travel around the world.

The website Precious Children via PBS has an article on Diversity in the Classroom with activities that promote racial and cultural awareness. It is important to begin these activities early but it is never too late to start.

There are many sites out there that promote cultural awareness, but these are three to get you started. Feel free to share favorite sites that promote cultural diversity.

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  1. Thanks for posting these links. I had never heard of the Matador Network before. What a wonderful site it is!



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