April 6, 2010

Book Cover Lust or Disgust?

The Book List is just a short and fun meme that allows you to share books and make a list of books!

This Week's Topic is:

Judge a Book By Its Cover:
3 Book Covers You Love or 3 Book Covers That Fall Flat

Last week I got up the Book List post rather late in the day, so if you missed it and would still like to turn out a post on covers you love, please do so! For anyone who wants to talk about the regrettable book covers- the ones that make you go- BUT WHY?!? For the love of everything literary, WHY??? Or perhaps that's just me...((sheepish grin)) Then please feel free to do that.

Or for a treat, you can do both! 3 book covers you love and 3 you don't! We all know how hard it is to choose just 3 anyway, right?

Since I did my 3 book covers I adore last week (you can see the list here, as well as the lists of other participants) this week I will do 3 that fall flat for me. Here's to the covers that totally miss the mark!

1. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
I love this story. It is one of my favorite books 12 years after I first read it. But even Hemingway had this to say about it:

"A day or two after the trip Scott brought his book over. It had a garish dust-jacket and I remember being embarrassed by the violence, bad taste and slippery look of it. It looked the book-jacket for a book of bad science fiction. Scott told me not to be put off by it, that it had to do with a billboard along a highway in Long Island that was important in the story. He said he had liked the jacket and now he didn’t like it. I took it off to read the book."
Apparently Hemingway, like me, liked the book Fitzgerald wrote, but the cover did need some upgrading. Luckily, later copies have improved on it somewhat, but I still haven't seen cover art for the book that wows me.

2. Bad Boys Over Easy by Erin McCarthy, Jen Nicholas, and Jordan Summers
I mean...really? They tried to be clever but I think they missed the mark and fell right over the side of that stupid spatula.

3. Liar by Justine Larbalestier
I'm not talking about the cover now, which is perfect. I am talking about that crazy cover they had to begin with. I am sure you are familiar with the controversy. They totally whitewashed the cover. Led to a backlash so fierce they changed the cover and started others changing whitewashed covers. Yay for grassroots movements, man. :)

Liar Cover 1: Notice absence of African-American protagonist.

Liar Cover 2: Notice they came to their senses. Good for them.

So what say you? Do you have book covers that make you wonder what the publisher was thinking letting that thing out? Covers that make you question whether they even knew what the book was about? Or, conversely, do you have some covers you adore and want to share them? Answer in your own post! Here's how:

  • Write a post on your blog that is a list of 3 books pertaining to the topic above. It can be super short or long and windy. Choose your own M.O. :)
  • You may include photos with your lists, especially if that helps illustrate your point.
  • You link back to the week's post here on Lost in Books in your post so if someone else wants to play, they can find their way here.
  • Then you come here and leave your link in the Mr. Linky so other people can find your post and your list!
  • There is no obligation to post every single week. Participate when you can!
Sound fun? Then join in!

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~SURPRISE! It's Your Choice. Leave a comment and offer suggestions for a topic. Next week I will run a poll so you can vote for your choice and the results will be posted the following week!


  1. +JMJ+

    #2 actually got nominated for "Worst Cover" on the annual cover contest of a Romance novel Web site!

    (And if you think that is bad, wait until you see the cover that won . . .)

    How about Top 3 Novels Set During Spring? (I'm sorry if that's a corny suggestion! I'm in a funny, flowery mood right now . . .)

  2. Well, I like to disagree with Hemingway as often as possible, on principle, but regardless of that, I love the Gatsby cover! Of course I grew up with it so I suppose that colors my judgment.

  3. I've seen quite a few covers that make me wonder what they were thinking, but can't think of any specific ones right now. I do agree with all of your picks.

  4. Good choices! I've never liked the Fitzgerald cover, and I see so few other options when it comes to Gatsby. *sigh*

  5. I'd never heard that Hemingway said that about the Gatsby cover. How funny.

  6. Enbrethiliel- No suggestion is too corny or flowery. I like it! :)

    jennysbooks- Too funny about Hemingway. I can see how growing up with a cover would make you kind of partial.

    Kathy- I'm sure you'll think of this the next time you see one and think, oh yeah!

    Andi- Yeah, what's with that?

    Avid Reader- I know, right? At least he liked the book without the cover. That was really the main objective, right?

  7. Hmm, I actually kind of like The Great Gatsby cover, although I agree it could use a makeover. It's been, what, 90 years????

  8. Tasha- Ha! Hey, did you check out Kathrin's post? She said Harlequin covers need a makeover. I'm sure you can comment on that!

  9. I joined in for the first time! It's interesting to see what people love/hate, which sometimes is the opposite of what I love/hate. (More than once I've commented on my blog about disliking a cover only to find several folks who comment that they love it.) I agree with all your choices here though!

  10. I've always disliked that Gatsby cover too. It's creepy. :) I'm writing up my post right now!

  11. I am going to do this one ... totally late!! The ironic thing is that one of my favorite books covers is that one of the Great Gatsby! I love that cover!!!!!

  12. I'm late to the party but I finally participated!!!! : )


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