March 23, 2010

Dancing to better songs than that which is stuck in my head

If you would like to play (cause it's super fun), head over to Supah Mommy, where you will get the directions and can link up via Mr. Linky.

What would your Post-It notes say today?


  1. Crap! Now it's in my head, too!

  2. I could have written that one to your cat, but to my dog. A seventy pound soppy English Bull Terrier named Frodo who aggravates my fibro so much I could scream. He just has to be pressed up against me or bumping into me every minute.
    I should try this meme but I can't think of anything to say that doesn't sound grumpy. lol

  3. I hate when songs are stuck in my head! Especially if it's a commercial jingle - those are the worst!

  4. I love the one about the bistro!!

  5. My post-it would probably say I want to sleep in my own bed. ;__;

    As for the bistro--it's French, what do you expect? ;)


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