February 9, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday #3

I saw this over at Jenner's blog, Life with a Little One and More.

If you would like to play, head over to Supah Mommy, where you will get the directions. I am not a mom, but this was too fun to pass up on. I mean, come on, POST-ITS!!!


  1. Oh you're post its are funny! Especially the one for Dear Boobs!

  2. You really don't need to mention me when you do this ... it is OK!!! : )

    And it isn't a mom thing either ... you're totally fine!!

    And boy I say the same things to my boobs all the time!

  3. My stickie would say: Brad and Angelina.. please stop our suffering once and for all!

  4. cutlex- Thanks, but I just say it how I feel it! :)

    Jenners- Alright, alright! Such peer pressure. ;) And I totally copied that part about the being a mom part from an earlier post. My bad.

    ANovelMenagerie- Yeah, what the heck is the deal with that.

    Stephanie- So much more talented, weren't they? And, what is funny, is I just discovered them like last year.

  5. Ah yes, we know the socks issue well with the added caveat "Note to teenagers of the house: If you want me to wash said socks, retrieve them from under your bed and other hiding spots and put them in the hamper."

    Oh, and I miss the Brat Pack, too. Mags likes to read the mags of shame at the checkouts and I'm tired of the Stew-Pat things.

  6. Oh, the Brat Pack. "'I always thought we'd be friends forever.' 'Yeah, well, forever got a lot shorter.'" (said in one of the best movies of all time: St. Elmo's Fire)

    None of the creey, plastic kiddies pretending to act today holds a candle to the Brat Pack.

  7. NO ONE can compete with John Cusak (I have mentioned I have a mild obsession with him, right?).

  8. Cannot agree more with the brat pack comment!!!!


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