February 6, 2010

Maximum Ride: School's Out--Forever

BOOK #: 6
REASON READ: James Patterson Challenge, 100+ Challenge, YA Challenge, Random Reading Challenge, RYOB Challenge (See tags or sidebar for links to challenge posts)
PUBLISHER: Hachette Book Group
GENRE: Fiction, YA, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Mystery, Action/Adventure
FORMAT/PAGES: Paperback/394
RATING: 4/5 Stars

I really enjoy James Patterson's Maximum Ride Series. This is the second book in the series and the books are quick reads and packed with action, mystery, and sarcasm.

I first fell for the 6 human-avian hybrids while reading While the Wind Blows and The Lake House. These are the same kids and they have still escaped a place called The School, but as Patterson points out, most of the similarities between those 2 books and the Maximum Ride Series end there.

There are currently 6 books in the Maximum Ride Series, the latest of which is Fang. Fang is one of the other avain-hybrids in "the flock," and is the same age as Max. I have entered to win an ARC of Fang and I hope I get it!

I am on to the third installment of the series right now, which is called Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports- a much more clever title than this book's. No offense Mr. Patterson.

I read also that in the movie version of Maximum Ride, Kristen Stewart is slated to play Max and Robert Pattinson is to play Fang.

Um, can we say EPIC FAIL?!?

What are they thinking? First of all, they messed up by putting Pattinson in Twilight, as he was supposed to be this other-worldly hot and beautiful, which Pattinson clearly is not. Then once again, they are going to put him and Stewart in to the roles of 2 more supposedly gorgeous and perfectly created creatures? Have they even SEEN Stewart and Pattinson?? Plus they have the Twilight director on board. Do not put them all into another franchise together. It will all roll into one big heaping ball of stupid and ruin another series of books. You won't even be able to tell the two series apart.

The movie is slated to come out this year, so I have a sinking feeling the rumor is true. Please let me know if you have heard otherwise!


  1. I do enjoy Patterson's book, but this series is too sci-fi for me.

  2. Why would they cast those two again? That sounds ridiculous!

    I've read the first two as well. I really enjoyed them!

  3. Why would they cast those two again? That sounds ridiculous!

    I've read the first two as well. I really enjoyed them!

  4. Oh, thank you for saying that! I cannot figure out why the teenagers mob Robert Pattinson. He is so ugly. I've opted not to bother with the Twilight movie because I expected someone whose handsomeness was so startling that you can't help but stare, just stare and wonder how on earth anyone could possibly be so sculpted and beautiful. BAD casting.

  5. Why do the movie people feel that every book has to be made into a movie?????????????????

    I love this series and so do the kids at my school for exactly the reasons you stated!!

  6. Wow, that's going to be a train wreck. I can't stand RPatt. Seriously, I have never liked him in any role, and his portrayal of Edward is just wrong.


  7. Oh my ... I think I may have accidentally read one of these books ...my grandmother gave it to me and it was about these young people but then they had wings or something. I HATED IT!

    And odd that they would cast Robert and Kristen AGAIN!???!!!?

  8. I love Patterson (as you know) but I only made it through When the Wind Blows - I just couldn't get into it. Glad to hear you're liking it.

    I haven't officially signed up yet - but I'll be back for the 2010 Colorful Reading Challenge. Yellow is first up.

  9. I've only read the first one in this series so far, but I do want to read more. I enjoy Patterson's easy reads!

    As for the casting, I really do hope that it was truly just a rumor. That would just be bad, bad, bad!!


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