February 21, 2010

The Littlest Bookworm Newsletter- Debut

The Littlest Bookworm Newsletter

I am beginning this newsletter to bring literacy and educational resources and articles to parents, families, educators, and librarians. It is a passion of mine to showcase and promote literacy enrichment for young children in and out of the classroom. If it is a success, then I will continue to publish this newsletter once a month.

Literacy News and Interesting Posts....

ActivityVillage.com has a great article on Ideas for Sharing Stories with Children. Do you do these tricks while you are reading to a child?

Do you have a home library? How is it organized? Can your child reach his/her books? Check out how Susan organizes her home library on the Booklights site.

Booklights also features another article by Susan in which she questions- When should you read Charlotte's Web to your children? Some of the themes in the book are heavy so it is a delicate issue of when your child is mature enough to handle them. Every child is different.

Check out HarperCollins Children's Video Player to hear Neil Gaiman read his new book, Blueberry Girl, and to see new book trailers and meet the authors of The Thirteenth Princess, The Wonder Book, and Omen of the Stars.

Jen Robinson has some tips for growing a bookworm- Be selective in your television watching.

Pam Allyn has written a fantastic piece on The Value of a Picture Book: 5 Life-Lessons Your Child Gets from Picture Books. Link thanks to the Scrub-a-Dub-Tub blog, which promotes children's literacy.

Forbes has highlighted librarian Betsy Bird as the "most powerful blogger in kids' books." How can you not check that out? Link thanks to Jen Robinson.

Literacy News has an interesting post on making language easier by using rhymes as a technique.

What Do I Have Going On?

The blog tour for Share a Story-Shape a Future is coming up in two weeks, March 8-14, 2010. If you haven't heard of this tour, it is an annual Literacy Blog Tour and it is based on the principle that "It takes a village to raise a reader." Susan from The Book Chook is hosting the tour on Day 2, with the theme of Literacy My Way/Literacy Your Way. I am very excited to be contributing 2 posts to Day 2 of the tour. Please be sure to check out my and all of the contributions for this wonderful tour!

I also have a Review Smash coming up this week with some Children's book reviews. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

And Finally...

Although this is out of the realm of young readers, I also had to include this powerful and well-written response by author Sonya Sones on an attempt to have her book, One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies, banned in a Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin high school. I would like to inform that mother that banning her book will only make it that much popular and send the kids everywhere looking for it to see what the "big deal" is. Have people learned nothing from all of the previously banned books?? Will they ever learn? Probably not. They don't read books.

Thanks for reading my debut Little Bookworms Newsletter. Please leave me even the briefest comment to give me your feedback. Thanks!


  1. I think this is a great idea, but there aren't any little bookworms around me these days. :(

  2. When do you sleep??? I love all of your ideas. Now, Charlotte's Web was read to me in the 2nd grade and I fell in love with reading at that point!!

  3. Thank you for all the fun links! I had fun checking out the video clips on the HC site! I love the newsletter idea!!

  4. Great feature Rebecca! As I have 7 and 8 year old boys, I'm sure I will be referring to your posts often.

  5. With 8 year old twins, I'm always on the lookout for as much kidlit news as I can find. I think you're off to a great start with The Littlest Bookworm!

  6. Wow - what a wealth of information! I probably could have used this when my son was little. I surrounded him with books, read to him almost every night and yet a reader only by necessity, i.e. homework.

  7. This was a nice mix of information Rebecca.

    Regarding Sonja Sones' book, (..."where the mother dies) We have two copies of it in the library I work in. They get checked out quite a bit, especially by girls - usually 6th grade through 8th. It is stupid to try to ban books. I hate that.

    I'm not a youn mommy anymore, but I still keep the lower shelves of the bookcases in my living room full of children's books for when the grandchildren come over. There are children's books all over the house in fact. I'm sure it drives my husband a little nuts, (he doesn't really complain) but when a toddler wants a book, he needs a book. :)

  8. Look at you and your wealth of knowledge. thanks for passing it on to all of us! Such great news

  9. Ha. My mother refused to let me read Charlotte's Web. Not to mention Dumbo or Bambi.

  10. I think this is great! There were so many links that I need to check out that I'm glad it is only monthly ... I'd never be able to keep up otherwise!!! Keep it up!

  11. I haven't sent out what is supposed to be a weekly newsletter in like, a month. Maybe I should switch it to monthly.

  12. I love the literacy focus. Luckily I have a kid who doesn't need encouragement to read so our issue is finding enough variety in books to interest and challenge him. If that's the worst we have to deal with, I would say I'm a lucky mom! Anyway, I love getting a teacher's perspective on this subject.

  13. It is so awesome that you are doing this. I think it is so important for kids to be exposed to reading. Any author that can get kids attention deserves awards. I loved how pasionate kids were/are about Harry Potter books


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