January 4, 2010

New Year Read-a-thon Wrap Up

I did not do a single update this weekend, shame on me.
Here is how my reading went for the weekend:

My Point...and I Do Have One by Ellen DeGeneres (224 pgs.) (first book of 2010!)

The Wives of Henry Oades by Johanna Moran (on pg. 300 of 384)

That's all I got read. But I did finish one book at least!

How did everyone else do?


  1. You read more than I did! I had such great intentions. I figured I should be able to read at least of couple of books in three days. But no--only read about 250 pages and didn't finish a thing.

  2. i'm chalking the entire month of december to the loss column. oh, and the first week of january too! i haven't done nearly enough reading. i'll repent in the upcoming weeks! i have a winter vacation from school starting shortly and will catch up on all my TBRs then. :)

    ps. could you please open the option for NAME/URL comments on your blog? i have log in via wordpress (with outdated info) or google which i don't love. :) others might not be able to leave comments as well. thanks! -nat

  3. Nice way to start out the new year with a nice fun book.

  4. I finished two books. Yay!

    It was really a lot harder to read during New Year's than I thought it would be, though.


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