November 8, 2009

TSS: My Trip to India

My Trip to India

I did it! I finally made a post about India! Oh my god! I finally have pictures! Wow. It only took me a month...hehe.

I will try to explain what is happening in the photos as best I can!

This is me excited to be in India! Traffic laws are very loose here. Yet with all of the whipping in and out, lack of stop signs and lights, and horns honking everywhere, I never saw an accident. I think it has to do with the speed limit stays around 30-40 in the city streets and also people know to constantly be looking around them.
My first experience with traffic in Pune. Many people ride rickshaws (upper picture), which are taxis with no doors but still motorized. The bottom picture shows a lot of mopeds, which there were a lot of mopeds. They were handkerchiefs over their faces because of all of the pollution.

And here is a cow pulling a cart down the middle of the busy street. Just to remind you of where you are. It was very cool.

I think this was some temple in Pune. Something important. I forgot what. Haha. I think this was taken on the way to the store to get measured for our saris.

This is me trying to get a shot from the car of all the cool Indian stores lined down the alley. What do I end up with? The one English store in the strip: Baskin Robbins.

This is the Indian Market. There were so many vegetables that we did not even know what they were! I wanted to try them. But we were told not to buy anything from the market because they wash the vegetables with their water and we could only drink bottled water there.

My sister saw a monkey on a leash taking a walk with its owner! I love India!

Below are pics from the Mehndi ceremony.
It took 2 hours to put on my Mehndi and 5 hours for Caroline since she is the bride. Everyone had 2 hands/arms done. Caroline had 2 hands/arms and 2 legs and feet done. The Mehndi (henna) was very detailed. We are sitting on K's parents' back porch.

Here we are chilling in the house doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the night because our Mehndi has to dry!

India-Style Toilet

Oh thank God. There is this kind of toilet, too. Bad fibro day + squatting on ground= not good situation.

These photos are of the shrine that is inside of K's parent's house. It was very beautiful.

I will share some more photos next week and some London photos, too. We are still waiting on the photos the supposed "professionals" took.

Oh, and the photo at the very top is my mother and I in our Saris before the wedding.


  1. Wow, these are wonderful. How long does the Mehndi stay on? I love all the animals in the street. This looks like such a fascinating trip. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

  2. Glad you liked the Mehndi! It must have come off by now!

    Even in Delhi, you can see animals on the roads.

    I think you should have put the pictures of the Shrine before the pictures of the toilets!

  3. I adore the monkey on a leash picture and idea. Too cute! Mehndi is beautiful by the way.

  4. Thanks for sharing photos of your trip with us! I'm curious what the Henna designs looked like - did each person get different designs? It looks very detailed from what I can see - almost like lace patterns.

  5. What cool pictures! I have a story for you sometime...I dated a guy from India for almost 4 years, but he was forced into an arranged marriage. It's been interesting looking back on it, even though it was only a year and a half ago. I don't know if my mom could have handled a trip over to India. LOL. :) Thanks for sharing these pictures. It helps me to see that it does work in some cases. In my case, it must have all been for the best!

  6. The Mehndi is gorgeous. I'm curious to know how long it stays on, too.

  7. I love it!! I remember that kind of toilet both in France and in Palestine - NOT FUN! :D Thanks for sharing all these. They are just wonderful Rebecca!

  8. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Son loved the monkey one.

    Looking forward to your london pics.

  9. w00t! Pictures! I agree with everyone else--the mehndi is awesome. How long did it stay on?

    And I would have totally bought those vegetables! You can just wash them off with your bottled water, right? ;)

  10. YAY! Pictures!

    The artwork that is painted on your arms and hands amaze me. What a find sense of balance and total stability the artist must have to have to get it right. It looks like you had an amazing time.

  11. You look gorgeous and so happy in your sari! I can't wait to see wedding pictures.

  12. I loved those photos Rebecca!! I can't wait to see the wedding party!!

  13. It varies, but my mehndi stayed on for about 16 days. My sister, the bride, hers only stayed on about a week.

  14. Oh wow!! It figures that you posted when I was out of town! I love the photos and you look so happy in the photos. I love the mehndi! So pretty. Can't wait for more!

  15. SO COOL!!! Can't wait to see more!

  16. You look good in a Saree. Ya the mehendi application takes time as they are really intricate designs. Hope u enjoyed here in India.

    Even though there are traffic jams and cows on the road :) we have a very beautiful country. Hope u did some sight seeing other than Pune.

  17. What nice pictures to remember an important event in your family's life. You truly captured the essence of life in India. I really love the picture of the man walking the monkey on a leash.

    My daughter had henna put on for her wedding awhile a few years back and I also had it put on my hands and legs. It was beautiful and people were asking many questions about it. It stayed on for many weeks especially on areas that didn't get into water frequently.

    bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

  18. Thanks for sharing! These were so interesting and I just love the whole Mendhi thing. You look so excited ... and I love the aaris. Too funny about the Baskin Robbins!

  19. I visited India about 10 years ago and your photos brought back some memories. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Lovely to see your photos! My sister also married an Indian, although I wasn't able to attend her wedding there. It wasn't very traditional though, but she did get her mehndi. She lived in Mumbai for a while, and Goa, but her husband is an FA so they have been moving to different countries where he is based.

  21. I'm so glad you loved India. We loved our trip there as well and I'd love to go back sometime. I'm also jealous that you had so much more of an insider's view of it than I did! We actually wore our Indian garb for Halloween this year and I impressed myself with remembering how to put on the sari. :-)

  22. I'm a little late commenting, but I'm slowly catching up with my GoogleReader!

    So, you seem to have had a great time! I always thought India was fascinating and I'm glad you had a great time over there. The Mendhi looks really pretty, too. And monkeys on a leash? I would be scared! Heehee!

  23. were in my city :)

    And you managed to go to the most crowded place in Pune :)

    Glad you enjoyed your stay.

  24. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing the pictures - even the toilet ones! After all, it's all part of the trip!


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