November 1, 2009

National Author's Day

Today is National Author’s Day

Did you know that today is National Author’s Day? No? Well, not many people do. Did you also know it is the 80th anniversary of National Author’s Day? Yesiree. The question is: How should we celebrate it? My personal opinion? Learn more about authors and show authors some love!

I have collected some links to information on various authors, plus links to websites for some authors (of course, unfortunately, I cannot list a link to every single author here, but these can get you started). Show an author some love by learning more about them, reading a new book by them, or sending them an e-mail or greeting card expressing your unwavering devotion to their literary genius!

Alexander, Tasha

Allende, Isabel

Andrws, Mary Kay

Barker, Clive

Bradbury, Ray

Cabot, Meg

Cassidy, Kay

Connolly, Michael

Gaiman, Neil

Grafton, Sue

Green, John

Gregory, Philippa

Han, Jenny

Hopkinson, Nalo

Johnson, Maureen

King, Stephen

Kingsolver, Barbara

Lancaster, Jen

Larsson, Stieg

Picoult, Jodi

Reichs, Kathy

Roberts, Nora

Rose, M.J.

Sparks, Nicholas


  1. That's a sweet idea! I think I'm too intimidated to write to authors like that, though. I'd love to write to Scott Westerfeld!!

  2. What's not to love about that?! I had no idea, so thanks for sharing. I'm reading a book by my very favorite author (Paul Auster), and I've spent the most time over the years getting to know his work in particular. How timely!

    Word verif: copular (sounds dirty!)

  3. I did not know this. thanks for the info, the idea nad the links!

  4. I did not know there was a day like this!
    Good day to start my Author Love-a-Thons then I guess.

    Thanks for the info.

  5. Excellent list! and as always, thanks for the amount of time you put into this!!

  6. You are most welcome. I just found out about it myself and wanted to share it with you all!


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