October 5, 2009

Why I Love Libraries by Staci of Life in the Thumb

I am out of the country at my sister's wedding in India with a quick stop in London on the way back! While I am gone some lovely bloggers have stopped by with guest posts! Woohoo!

Today Staci of Life in the Thumb shares why she loves libraries. I think we can all relate!

Libraries have always been alluring to me. From the young age of 5, libraries have played an important role in my life. My mom started taking my brother and me to our local library when I was in kindergarten. I remember getting into a little bit of trouble with some overdue books. My mom received a phone call because the books were late. She asked me where they were and I lied and told her that I had no idea. She discovered them under my mattress with the library card holder ripped out of each and every one of them!! I remember this moment so vividly because she asked me why I would do that and I told her, "Because I love them so much I wanted to keep them forever." Thus starting my lifelong obsession with books and libraries!!

As a young kid during the summer I would jump on my sparkling purple bike that had a beautiful basket hanging on the front, and peddle furiously to the library almost every day during summer vacation. I started with the Nancy Drew series and gobbled them up like candy. Next I demolished the Hardy Boys, the Black Stallion series, and then I asked the librarian, "Where do I go now?" She pointed me to Trixie Belden, a series that I was totally enthralled with for quite some time. Another fond memory is when I requested a copy of "Forever" by Judy Blume. I was in the 6th grade and when it came in the librarian wanted to know if my mother knew I was reading this book. I said, "Yes, Mrs. Krohn, she knows that I want to read that book and she said it was fine." Well, needless to say, she didn't believe me and called my house only to look shocked when my mom said that I could read anything I wanted. Score one for me!!

It didn't keep me from going back to the library though, I understood that Mrs. Krohn was from another era and a book that talked about a girl having sex for the first time was something she just frowned upon. When I reached high school I found a sanctuary in our media center. It was HUGE! and for the small town school that I went to that was really something unheard of. Here I was able to explore and read to my heart's content. After graduating I started Michigan State University in the fall of '87. I was blessed to get a job at the university's library!! This was beyond my dream!! Holy moly, the stacks and stacks and floors and floors of books!! Pure bliss!! I worked in the GIFTS department and I was always in the stacks looking for State's copy of a book that was donated so that we could compare and see which one was in better shape. This would take hours because you still had to use the CARD CATALOG-you know the one, with hundreds of drawers that contained thousands of cards!!

Libraries have always been in my life...when I moved to Indiana one of the first things I did was find out where the library was. I introduced the library to my two sons and they have always enjoyed spending time at one. I'm blessed that here in Michigan I have a fantastic county library with many branches and wonderful people who work there. They know me by name, it's kind've like walking into Cheers! On top of that, I work in a middle school library- what could be a better job for a book-a-holic?

Thank you, Staci! Card catalogs bring back memories of my childhood. I worked in my university's library during college and it was all digital. I couldn't imagine finding things via card catalog! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Come back tomorrow for another fab guest post! See you soon!

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  1. Wonderful post! I love libraries- I don't know what I would have done without public libraries and school libraries when I as little because most of the books I have ever read were library books.

    We lived on Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan & the library there only allowed you to have 5 books. So, I would get 2 Nancy Drew and 3 Eyewitness books- the Eyewitness books covered every topic imaginable, it seemed.

  2. Thanks for the delightful post!

  3. what a great guest post! makes me want to write my own post on libraries :-)

  4. I love the story about your bed! But you didn't include what happened after you told your mom why you did it!

  5. I don't remember what my mom did to me!! LOL!! I think she realized that I felt pretty bad about the whole thing. That is until I was in 2nd grade and tried to keep my teacher's copy of Charlotte's Web...now, that is a whole 'nother story!!

  6. What a great post. It brings back fond memories of trips to the library when I was young.

  7. Such a fun post. I loved the part about hiding the library books because they were "loved so much"...LOL

    I actually checked out the libraries first before deciding what town we were buying our home in at one point....LOL

  8. I loved how you getting into trouble as a kid involved "stealing" library books :)

    I am also a library lover. I moved a lot as a kid and libraries were the one constant in all those moves.

  9. I don't know about MSU, buy I LOVE the Hatcher Graduate Library at the University of Michigan.

  10. To me the library is like walking into a story and having the clerk say "help yourself." The hardest time I have is not checking out more than I can possibly read before they are due.

    When I was in middle school, my friend and I always had homework we needed to go to the library to do research on. Not really--we wanted to go and flirt with the boys that were studying there but we couldn't very well tell my parents that!


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