October 25, 2009

Bookish Discoveries 10-25-09

Bookish Discoveries

1. The NYT asks What makes a children's classic?

2. YA author Norma Fox Mazer dies at 78

3. Utah Book Festival 2009

4. Check out author A.S. Byatt's interview at Feministing

5. The Millions blog offers up World Lit Dispatches

6. SEED Magazine says: Nearly universal literacy is a defining characteristic of today's modern civilization; nearly universal authorship will shape tomorrow's.

7. 45 Beautifully Designed Book Covers- which is your favorite? Mine is In the Cut by Susanna Moore.


  1. I had missed a lot of these, so thanks!

  2. Great links!! Nearly universal authorship? That sounds fascinating. And I am on the fence as to whether that would be a *good* thing or not. :-)

  3. We're also having the grand return of the Seattle BookFest this weekend ... seattlebookfest.com . It's been a few years since the original book festival here folded so it's exciting! A few of us book bloggers are meeting up there this afternoon.

  4. Norma Fox Mazer died?!! That's sad!

  5. I love the book covers post- my favorite is the over of When You Are Engulfed in Flames...but it;s a hard choice.

  6. I think The Annotated Nose is my favorite cover.


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