October 8, 2009

Alea of Pop Culture Junkie Answers 20 Questions

Welcome back to 20 Questions, where we get to know our fellow book bloggers a little better. Today I would like to present to you Alea of Pop Culture Junkie! Alea is a fun blogger so be sure to go visit if you haven't yet and say hello! Thanks, Alea!


1. Last book you bought: Holly's InBox from Borders for 40% off!

2. Last book you got in the mail: Pure (from Lenore!)

3. The first book you read over and over: Green Eggs and Ham

4. Children’s book every child should read: That is a really hard question. Probably Green Eggs & Ham.

5. Favorite place to read: Probably the bus in the morning because if I'm on a roll I can probably read 100 pages. Also I don't have the internet there so there are no distractions, unless I decide to take a nap!

6. A book you bought just for the cover: Hot Mess

7. Scariest book ever read: Off the top of my head, Wintergirls. That was really really tough to get through.

8. Most romantic book ever read: Oh gosh I don't know I'm sorry!

9. Book that changed your life in some way: Willow- I finally understood the reasons why someone would harm themselves in that way.

10. Book you’ve re-read the most times: Probably still Green Eggs and Ham, i memorized it!

11. Book you needed the Cliff’s Notes for: Crime and Punishment among others!

12. Book you needed the dictionary for: Well Shakespeare was always hard for me to understand, not sure if I dictionary would really help much though...

13. Book you like that no one else seems to: The Makedown

14. Book you don’t like that everyone else seems to love: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

15. Number of books you own (you can guess):
1,700 + ah!

16. Number of books on your TBR list (that you have not acquired yet): Like a zillion ha! I have wishlists all over the place, word documents, Amazon, Bookmooch, pieces of paper, my head!

17. Must-have reading accessories: Something to drink like water or diet Mountain Dew. Ice Cream or candy just plain food!

18. Literary Destination You Want to Go to: Hogwarts!

19. Top Three Favorite Authors: F. Scott Fitzgerald... ummm I don't know! A LOT!

20. Three Bloggers You Want to See Featured in the Future: Yan (http://booksbytheircover.blogspot.com/), Irish (http://www.tickettoanywhere.blogspot.com/), BermudaOnion (http://bermudaonion.wordpress.com/)

Thank you for participating, Alea! I enjoyed getting to know you better! I love the size of your library and I am right there with you on the TBR lists!

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Do you want to be featured on 20 Questions? Send me an e-mail (which you can find on my Blogger profile!) with your answers to the questions! Please include questions and answers together, which makes it easier for me to post, plus a photo if you want me to put a different one than your blog's profile picture. I will then e-mail you and let you know when you will be featured! Thanks!


  1. Me thinks you like Green Eggs and Ham! LOL

    Fabulous interview :)

  2. Hehe, I memorized that book Michelle! Pretty sure it taught me to read er memorize!

  3. Cannot agree more with Hogwarts!!!! Great interview!! :)

  4. I'd like to visit Hogwarts too. But I *especially* want to learn how to do that apparating and floo powder stuff, so I don't have to chauffeur the kids around all the time.

  5. You know, I would have thought that Alea's must have reading accessories would have included a plate of green eggs and ham!

    Very entertaining series you've got here, Rebecca!


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