September 15, 2009

National Book Festival on Sept. 26th

I got this e-mail today and while I won't be able to attend because I am leaving for India the next day, I wanted to be sure to pass it on to everyone else in case you want to attend. Looks great!

My name is Monica, and I’m writing on behalf of the Library of Congress with the latest news on this year’s National Book Festival. The festival, which will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2009, is slated to feature over 70 best-selling writers, illustrators and poets. I wanted to invite you to attend if you’re able (the event is free and open to the public), and to share some details on ways to experience the festival even from afar.

New this year, the Library is bringing the festival direct to mobile phone users with their first-ever mobile campaign. By texting ‘BOOK’ to 61399, mobile phone users can opt-in to receive the latest festival announcements as well as author presentations and signing schedules. The text campaign is one of many interactive features to bring booklovers up-to-the minute festival information. The Library’s Twitter feed (@librarycongress, hashtag #nbf) and Facebook page already have thousands of followers. (If you’ll be at the festival, a tweet-up is also in the works.)

Additionally, festival fans can now download author podcasts, which can be accessed free of charge through the Library’s website or on iTunes. The recordings feature candid interviews with award-winning authors George Pelecanos, James Patterson, Rickey Minor, Nicholas Sparks, and more. Finally, The Washington Post is hosting live online discussions in the week leading up to the festival with several participating authors, including Annette Gordon-Reed, Ken Burns, and Douglas Brinkley.

If you are interested in learning more about the text campaign, the festival or interviewing an author, please let me know. Additionally, the most recent press release can be found at


  1. are you near DC? any chance you can make it to the 9/25 events at the Baltimore Book Festival? I'd love to meet you!

  2. INDIA!!! How awesome is that? I wish I lived closer so I could attend, but I'll be keeping updated vicariously through those who can go. :( Texas is too far from everything!!

    Have a fabulous time in India.

  3. I hope you have a lot of fun in India. The thing, one of the things I love the most about India is the women's complete love of gold jewelry and the way of decorating their faces with it. Foreheads, ears, nostrils, fingers, everything gets a little (sometimes a lot) of gold to decorate. Some of the women even tattoo their faces, to add to their beauty. If it was a little more accepted here, I might put a little tattoo on a cheek or temple.

    Hope you have lots of fun and buy a Sari.

  4. Sounds like an awesome festival. Too bad I'll be stuck in school. Maybe another year, I'll be able to go. I hope you enjoy your trip to India. Part of me knows you'll have more fun there anyway.


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