September 21, 2009

My Challenge Swap

Well, as you may know, I am in over my head with some of these challenges I signed up for back in the beginning of my blogging. And to top it off I am seeing more challenges out now that are more up my ally. I have come to grips with the fact some of these challenges I signed up for back in the day (okay, in January) are just not going to get finished. So, I have decided to do a Challenge Swap. I am forgoing some challenges that won't get completed (ahem, 999 Challenge) and adding on those challenges that will be a challenge, but not so hard that I won't be able to complete them. Ta-da! Brand new book adventures and less stress over not being able to make these goals. Yay!

So these are the reading challenges I have been doing.

I am going to keep the Perpetual Challenges since there is no timeline and it is therefore stress free. I am also keeping the 2 challenges I created. I am also keeping the challenges that I most recently signed up for because they are more up my ally (see above). I have liked all the challenges but I have to also be realistic about what I can and cannot finish. Some of these I signed up for in January and am barely halfway, if that. So this is what the list above now looks like:

So that is 8 challenges 1...2...3...Gone! I feel better just knowing the 999 Challenge is off the table!

Now for the challenges I am wanting to get into instead. I think there was only 3 and not 4, although I feel like I am missing something. Perhaps it is all the ones I dropped just because I know I can't finish them in time. But I feel lighter knowing I am 5 challenges lighter! (Update: I realized I had forgotten the Countdown Challenge, which I have now added on! I am still 4 Challenges lighter!)

Watch for official posts coming on these challenges.


  1. I am only doing ONE challenge and it's tiny!

    I havent' even created any for myself yet.

    Good golly, I'm impressed, even IF you dropped 8.

  2. Your new list looks much more do-able!

  3. I bet you do feel relief. I'm doing the Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge too.

  4. That is A LOT of challenges! I don't blame you for swapping some of them out. Thank you for sticking with my challenge, BTW. ;)

    I was worrying the other day over whether I would complete the Take a Chance Challenge. Doesn't it end in November?

  5. Those are a lot of challenges! I didn't know how addictive joining them was until I joined my first one. I'm also a little worried about the Take A Chance Challenge-I've only read 3/10 so far!

  6. So much better. I have two that finish today (end of summer) and I'm feeling a lot less stressed.

    Good luck with the rest of them.

  7. That was one big list, it seems better with the ones you've chosen now... I may have to do the same myself. ;-)

  8. Great post!

    While I did not sign up for quite as many challenges as you :) --- I did sign up for more than I should have at the beginning of the year. It was all so new - so exciting - that I got caught up on the frenzy.

    I admire you for "cutting loose" a few of those that were weighing you down.

    Come next January we will both know better how to choose challenges that fit our reading styles.

  9. Whew! Did you get the same since of relief I did when you finally let some of those challenges go? I hated to do it but it was for the best and I have no regrets. Good luck with your continuing challenges!

  10. Good for you for giving up some of those challenges and giving yourself a break! But then you sign up for 3 more!!! You nut!


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