September 23, 2009

Greensboro Building to Be Featured on Comic Book Cover

I thought this was interesting since this is where I am from.

GREENSBORO — A downtown building will be featured on a limited edition cover of a comic book that will be sold next month.

Acme Comics will sell the variant cover on G-Man Cape Crisis #2. The cover was drawn by Chris Giarrusso and pays tribute to a 1976 Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-man, the first ever Marvel/DC Comics crossover.

The cover features G-Man squaring off against Acme’s mascot, the Acme Bat, above the Greensboro skyline and the building that now houses Lincoln Financial (formerly Jefferson-Pilot).

Acme Comics has commissioned 1,000 copies that will be sold Oct. 24. The comic will cost $2.99, and sales will be limited to two copies per customer.

The store at 2150 Lawndale Drive in Greensboro will hold an event with the release from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. G-Man’s creator will appear, as will Giarrusso and others.

Read more about the event at

Article first published at the News-Record.


  1. Are you still in NC? I haven't figured out other NC bloggers yet so it would be terribly exciting if you were (or alternately scary if you think I'm just a bit over-enthusiastic ::grin::). And I'll have to pass along the comic info to my comic obsessed hubby. So thanks for that. :-)

    I've tagged you (a bit late in the day) with a meme here.


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