September 7, 2009

Comp Malfunction

My computer cord is malfunctioning and not charging my battery. I am taking it in to for diagnostics tomorrow but it may be a few days if it is an internal problem rather than just needing a new cord. I've had such issues with my Toshiba laptops. I promise to get posts up as I can, but if I miss, please know I will get them up ASAP. Thanks for understanding.

I hope you my U.S. bloggy friends have had an enjoyable Labor Day! Only 4 days of work this week!

Rebecca :)


  1. That stinks! I hope they fix the problem right away!

  2. I hope the problem is fixed quickly!

  3. Good luck with the computer issues! I hope things go smoothly getting it fixed up.

  4. Yuck! I totally sympathize with computer issues! They're the worst! Hope your laptop feels better soon!


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