September 23, 2009

Bookish Discoveries

1. Okay, I am officially in T-Shirt HEAVEN. This is the coolest collection I have seen!

I think I know what I want for my birthday!!!

2. The Telegraph in the U.K. announces readers' Pick of the Paperbacks.

3. John Grisham: "I tried literature and didn't like it much."

4. Judgement Day for the Google Book Pact

5. Madras Press Set to Publish Short Fiction- “It seemed a little sad and a little arbitrary to me that short fiction is so hard to place. I really like the novella form; it’s something I enjoy reading,” said Prabhaker, who has just launched Madras Press in Brookline, Mass., specifically to publish short works.

6. Capstone to Add Kids' Nonfiction Graphic Novel Line- Capstone Press, a nonfiction imprint of educational and library publishing house Capstone Publishers, plans to add a new line of kids' nonfiction graphic novels to its fast-growing comics and graphic novel publishing program. This fall the house is launching Graphic Expeditions, a nonfiction line of graphic novels that will debut with six titles that aim to introduce young readers to social studies, history and world cultures.
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  1. Re: John Grisham--Me, either. ;)

    I think I need one of those t-shirts.

  2. Absolutely ADORE the T-shirts! Wish I could buy nearly all of them!!!

  3. I love the t-shirts too ! As soon as I'm done with being preggers and back to my somewhat normal weight I am soo getting them.

  4. love the tee shirts especially the long sleeve ones for fall; very fun; thanks

  5. Love the t-shirts! Great collection of interesting book-related items!

  6. Love, love, love the t-shirts!! And, don't know when you will get this AND I'm late in letting you know, BUT I've got an award for you:


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