September 8, 2009

20 Questions Featuring Bobbie of Book Reviews by Bobbie

Welcome back to my new feature, 20 Questions, where we get to know our fellow book bloggers a little better. Today I would like to present to you Bobbie of Book Reviews by Bobbie and Dedicated Book Reviews. Thanks so much, Bobbie!


1. Last book you bought: The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I ordered this book because it was our Bloggers Unite Book Club selection for August, 2009; not a bad book but not the best book I’ve ever read.

2. Last book you got in the mail: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! SEEING IS BELIEVING; it’s an all-new, review copy that my DS couldn’t wait to get his hands on!

3. The first book you read over and over: Love You Forever by Robert Munsch...I love this sweet, bedtime story book. I’ve read it more times then I can count and my DS loves it too.

4. Children’s book every child should read: The Paperback Princess by Robert Munsch.

5. Favorite place to read: My favourite place to read is on our over-stuffed, leather couch with a blanket to drape over my legs and a hot cup of coffee close-by. :)

6. A book you bought just for the cover: To Romance a Charming Rogue by Nicole Jordan...I’m a sucker for historical romance novels. lol

7. Scariest book ever read: I would have to say that AFRAID by Jack Kilborn takes the cake for the scariest book. There many are close seconds though...

8. Most romantic book ever read: I know that you’re going to laugh at me for this, but the most romantic book I’ve ever read is PIRATE by Fabio...I know it seems crazy...but I love it and it is UBER romantic! :)

9. Book that changed your life in some way: Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O'Brien; this was assigned reading in high school and I loved it so much that it got me hooked on reading all kinds of books because you never know what you’re going to get.

10. Book you’ve re-read the most times: It’s a tie between PIRATE by Fabio and for Zachariah by Robert C. O'Brien...opposite ends of the reading spectrum. lol

11. Book you needed the Cliff’s Notes for: If I needed cliff notes, I probably wouldn’t read the book. Do reading guides for book clubs count?? ;)

12. Book you needed the dictionary for: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This book is a classic (just like the day it was born) and it’s written in old English so the sentence structure, phrasing, etc. is sometimes REALLY difficult to understand.

13. Book you like that no one else seems to: PIRATE by Fabio...again. There are a lot of women who can’t get over the fact that a flamboyant gay man wrote this steamy love story; I think that he had someone else do the research for the love scenes.

14. Book you don’t like that everyone else seems to love: The Shack by William P. Young. The story started off well but it went down the drain toilet pretty quickly! I reviewed it if you want to know all of my thoughts on it...I don’t want to spoil it for you here.

15. Number of books you own (you can guess): The book count on Goodreads is 486 + about 150-200 or so that we have lying around on various book shelves that I’ve never added to GR’s.

16. Number of books on your TBR list (that you have not acquired yet): This is a tough one... I try REALLY hard, not to add books to my TBR list because I have enough review books waiting for me right now. Off hand though, I’d have to say about 50 or so books are on my TBR list at any given time.

17. Must-have reading accessories: Hmmm, well I like to have lots of bookmarks lying around...I don’t really use any other reading accessories.

18. Literary Destination You Want to Go to: I would love to go to Burden Valley to see where Ann Burden, from Z For Zachariah, lived. I would love to go inside her house and visit their neighbour’s store; maybe do some post-apocalyptic shopping. There is something so thrilling and scary about being one of two survivors after an atomic war.

19. Top Three Favorite Authors: Robert C. O'Brien, Philippa Gregory and Robin hurts to put just 3 names...I have over 15 TOP favourite authors!

20. Three Bloggers You Want to See Featured for 20 Questions in the Future: Hmmm... 1. Kathy, from Bermudaonion's Weblog, 2. Teddy, from So Many Precious Books, So Little Time and 3. Anna , from Anna’s Book Blog...I’d love to list a bunch more, but you only want 3 so I’ll stop here.

Thanks for inviting me to participate; I've really enjoyed it!

Check the schedule below to see who is appearing next on 20 Questions!

Thursday, Sept. 10: Nina of J'Adore Happy Endings
Tuesday, Sept. 15: Jackie of Farm Lane Books
Thursday, Sept. 17: J.T. of Bibliofreak

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  1. Hi there,
    I would love to participate but for some reason when I click on your profile I can't get to your email. Maybe it's because I am some what computer challenged :).

    Would you mind sending me your email or leaving me a comment on my blog?

    michwerm (at) gmail (dot) com

    Michelle (Red Headed Book Child)

  2. Yikes, Afraid is in my TBR pile - I'm wondering if I'll be able to read it now. I'm going to guess that Bobbie likes Pirate by Fabio!

  3. I didn't like The Shack either. Well actually I don't know if I didn't like it because I quit reading it! :--)

  4. I'm a sucker for historical romances, too, but I never even considered reading the Fabio book. Or knew that Fabio was gay. I feel totally behind now. ;)

  5. I have to say, I'm excited to see her mention of "Z for Zachariah" because that is on my list to read for the A to Z challenge and I was a bit concerned about it but now I shall feel better and look forward to it.

  6. what's the bloggers unite book club?

  7. I read Fabio's book and remember liking it!! I too did not like The Shack...started out o.k. then it just went south from there for me!!

  8. I'm with Bobbie on Love You Forever. I just have such fond memories of it. My students would often ask me to read it, and I figured they loved it too. One day, I asked and almost fell off my chair when they told me, "Nah, we just like to see you cry!"

  9. Just love these Q& I haven't read The Shack but my husband was looking at that book today in the bookstore for a book club choice.

  10. The Paperback Princess is so wonderful - a lovely role model for girls.


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