August 2, 2009

Where do I get my books?

Well this has been a trendy topic in the book blogosphere this week and I intend to be transparent and put my stats out there as well so everyone can see where I get my reading material from.

The topic was started when the issue of whether we blog for free books came up on Marie's blog The Boston Bibliophile in her two posts on Bloggers and Commercialism. To me this is obviously absurd, but maybe because I am one of these book bloggers. Of course I love receiving free books- I LOVE BOOKS. But better than getting them for free, I like that someone wants my opinion on their book. That is very flattering.

But I also have to question if we are just blogging to receive free books, wouldn't that also pose the question of whether we are receiving these free books for the free publicity? It goes both ways. I can also tell you that I have turned down more books for review than I have accepted. Even since putting up information on my profile/blog saying I am not accepting any more review copies at this time I have had requests to review books (which is another discussion topic all together.)

I began blogging in January of this year, so that makes 7 months I've been blogging. I have read 63 books this year, 59 of which I have reviewed. Out of the 59 I reviewed here on Lost in Books, this is where I got them:

Already Owned: 25
Review Copies: 13
Book Mooch: 11
Library: 8
Giveaways from other blogs: 1
Read Online (Public Domain): 1

So my ratio of free books to owned/borrowed is 14 to 45. So for rounded numbers sake, for every 1 free book I read and review, I read and review 3 that I own or have borrowed.

How do other book bloggers compare? Here are some bloggers that I have seen post information on this topic (let me know if I missed you). Check it out for yourself. What do you think? Do we blog for free books?

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Presenting Lenore
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  1. I get the bulk of my books from Paperback Swap ... and I would guess that I read about 1 free "review" copy to ever 3 books I get on my own. But perhaps I should check this before I go blabbing about it here. : )

  2. I posted my last 20 books and I did overall well also.

  3. I just did mine today, on my Sunday Salon post, so I wouldn't say you missed it, exactly. :-) Anyway: it's there.

  4. Well, I'm just starting out, and I'm wondering what is wrong with getting some free books? I would love to get a few free books to review. Anytime. I certainly didn't start out my blog with free books. I've won four books in the last year (contests), bought about 30(just an estimate), and received ONE ARC for the purpose of reviewing (I consider myself very fortunate to have gotten that one).

  5. In the last week I've received two books to review, both sent by authors, not publicists. The first one came with a personal note, and that made my day. This person obviously cared that I was going to read their work.

    Of course, I still might not like it. But I make sure to say that in my review guidelines before accepting anything.

  6. I have been so amazed with how many books I've received - mostly from other bloggers just offering or contests. I've only accepted 2 books from authors/publicists and just don't like the pressure. We should be friends on bookmooch! I actually haven't checked my acct there but I must stop buying books.


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