August 9, 2009

TSS: More Book Covers I Love

Happy Sunday, everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I did a Sunday Salon post about Book Covers I Love and I would like to do another one. While it is true that a pretty cover does not make the story inside any more or less wonderful, it is also true that the cover can be what attracts you to the book in the first place. The cover is the lust, if you will, and the story is the heart- what makes you love the book. So here is to another great set of book covers.

(Click here to view the previous TSS: Book Covers post.)

Book: Feast of Roses by Indu Sundaresan
Found: featured on my Take Me Away to India post
Why I Like It: I think it is beautiful and mysterious. I love the reds and golds.

Book: Pride & Prejudice (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) by Jane Austen
Found: Austenprose
Why I Like It: I love the silhouettes of Darcy and Elizabeth and I love that he is stepping on her dress- very Darcy. This cover is so good that I want to purchase this book even though I already own a copy of Pride & Prejudice! (It doesn't hurt it is one of my fave books, too.)

Book: Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears by Pema Chodron
Found: Barnes & Noble Coming Soon
Why I Like It: I love that there is a pier that is leading into the unknown, which is not unlike freeing yourself from old habits and fears.

Book: After by Amy Efaw
Found: Barnes & Noble Coming Soon (and a dozen book blogs!)
Why I Like It: Well, if you read my other TSS: Book Covers Post, you'll know I love covers where the person's back is turned. It makes me want to find out more about them.

Book: Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
Found: Barnes & Noble Coming Soon
Why I Like It: The typography of the title not only grabs your eye, but it fits with the story of two sisters whose lives begin fraying at the edges after their aunt's death.

Book: The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
Found: Goodreads
Why I Like It: Another person with their back turned. Plus, I love the colors and the typography for the title.

Do you like any of these covers? Does good cover art/photography mean anything to you as a reader?


  1. Those are some wonderful covers, Rebecca. I especially like the first two you feature.

  2. I wish it weren't true, but covers and typography do make a difference. Perhaps if my TBR list wasn't so unwieldy, it wouldn't, but something has to draw my attention... I love the Austen cover, so witty! I also love the Chodron cover, but I love her so much it wouldn't matter if the cover were hideous.

  3. So nice, Rebecca :) You do such a great job.

    Happy Sunday!

  4. The Feast of Roses would influence me to buy it based on the cover. I've started doing Cover Attraction on Wednesdays and found two covers that would influence me to purchase. That is rare for me:

    Taking the Leap is positively frightening with all that empty space, I feel like I'm falling when I look at it. Which means I suppose that it's a very good cover.

  5. I love the cover of Pride & Prejudice! My copy of P&P is ancient. Hmmmmmmmmmm.... ;)

  6. Are there more books in that Penguin Classics Deluxe series? It would make a great set!

  7. I really enjoy this feature on your blog as looking at book covers is a hobby. How can it not be if you're a reader? Right?

    After is definitely intriguing. The symmetry of her legs in black really stands out. Then there is the subtle hint as to what the book is about with her reflection being pregnant, but she's not. And, like you mentioned, her looking away suggests secrets. Maybe shame? Very interesting.

  8. We have different covers over here for The Sugar Queen and Her Fearful Symmetry. I prefer your cover of Her Fearful Symmetry to the English cover, but prefer our version of the The Sugar Queen as it is all glittery!

  9. I love the cover of the Amy Efaw book. For the longest time, I didn't realize the reflection was different from the girl (duh!) but then someone mentioned it on a review and I had to go check my copy. Sure enough, it was plain in front of me, I should have seen it. :)

  10. Love the Pride and Prejudice cover, and can't wait for every aspect of Her Fearful Symmetry. Love inpsired book design! Happy reading!

  11. Love the silhouettes on the P&P cover and the Niffenegger cover. Both so different.

  12. These are lovely covers, not to mention some great sounding books.

  13. I love The Sugar Queen cover. I bought her book Garden Spells just for the cover also!
    Curtiss Ann Matlock has beautiful covers on her books as well. Check out her "Chin Up, Honey" cover!

  14. Great covers, I agree! I am especially in love with the Pride and Prejudice one. I love silhouettes!

  15. Cool post! I agree, After is such a gorgeous, striking cover!
    Very eye-catching...

  16. I love the Pride and Prejudice cover! I like how it deviates from the classic look of older books. I love Her Fearful Symmetry cover as well. The blue with the font is very eye-catching. Great picks!

  17. I definitely am influenced by an attractive cover! But I know authors don't always get a lot of input, and plus there are a bizarre amount of duplicate cover pictures out there. Nevertheless, a beautiful cover does make me pick up a book and at least page through it!

  18. Now I have more books to add to my Good Reads list! Covers do matter just like real whipped cream on top of a don't need it but oh, it sure makes it look (and taste) great.

  19. I love that P&P bookcover, too! It looks like those shadow puppets that were all the rage in the Victorian era. Ooh, I want it...


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