August 16, 2009

Meme- How Do People Find My Blog

I have seen this meme on True Crime Book Reviews and on J. Kaye's Book Blog and wanted to see what was bringing people to my own blog. So what are the typical, expected search queries and what are the unusual search queries? And what are some of the top referring sites? Check it out:

Typical, Expected Queries
-Jodi Picoult Quotes
-Ancient Egyptian Stories
-Funny Books to Read
-What makes a book a classic
-Novels set in Japan
-Book covers
-Books that take place in Spain
-Books that take place in Turkey
-Celebrity memoirs
-Sierra Leone
-Scalpel and the Silver Bear
-banned books

Unusual, Strange Queries
-"neil armstrong is my uncle" (Never heard of it)
-"screwed up life of charlie" (Never heard of it)
-Sophisticated Dorkiness (Why isn't it giving the searcher her blog??)
-Manga reads (When have I ever read or discussed manga?)
-Grass soup
-"I'm 14 and I'm becoming more forgetful" (Perhaps the word "Lost"?)
-Free Post-It Notes
-Threesomes Books (I kid you not.)

Referring Sites,,

If you have reviewed a book I have reviewed, please leave me a message or comment and I will add your link to my post.


  1. I always find it fascinating how some people make their way to my blog based on searches that seem to bear no relation to anything I've said! I can see one possible explanation in your indication of "neil armstrong is my uncle." This is a book several of us have reviewed. So if you linked to our blogs for any reason, maybe google (or whatever) is finding the link to the link. Perhaps it is the same for the other unexplained links. Regardless, looking at these is always a great source of entertainment!

  2. I love some of the random searches that lead to blogs. Grass Soup. That cracks me up!

  3. That is too weird that a search for Sophisticated Dorkiness led to your blog. Neil Armstrong is My Uncle is a middle grade book.

  4. That's such a funny meme! I'll have to do it too!
    I used to ignore the search terms that lead to my blog, but recently I've been having lots of fun reading those! Sometimes, I really have no idea why a search engine would refer my blog on such weird subjects!

  5. I have an award for you here

  6. LOL to I'm 14 and I'm becoming more forgetful. That is a problem.

    I'm not sure what kinds of google searches lead people to my blog. I wouldn't even know how to find that out.

  7. I must have missed your grass soup and free post-it note giveaway...Better luck next time...I just did this meme on my's fun!

  8. I need to do this ... I keep meaning to and then don't remember. I think it is hilarious some of the odder queries!


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