August 31, 2009

Mailbox Monday - August Acquisitions

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.
This is a fun mailbox. It was made by Mariner's Mailboxes. They have a lot of teams, but I chose the Carolina Panthers since they are the local team! How many football fanatics would love to have this kind of mailbox? Come back next week to see a different unique mailbox. :)

I haven't done Mailbox Monday since August 3rd! But I haven't had much coming in either. Here is what I acquired this month:

Happiness is a Choice by Barry Neil Kaufman
From: Lily of Reading Extravaganza
I won it from the Spiritually Speaking Challenge Giveaway

A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks
From: BookMooch

Jane Austen: An Illustrated Treasury by Rebecca Dickson
Bought it at Barnes & Noble yesterday (Too cool to pass up)
Summary for Jane Austen fans:
In the minds of fans and scholars alike, Jane Austen has never grown old. Now more than ever, Jane Austen is a presence in pop culture—a major accomplishment for someone who published her books anonymously all her life. Who was Jane Austen? We have only a couple of sketches and letters to tell us about her, but from this slim thread hangs a library’s worth of speculation, including countless Hollywood interpretations of her life and her books. This book takes you inside the author’s world—the hardships she faced, the loves she lost, and the keen sense of irony that kept her going. Fully illustrated with Regency-era artwork, the book also explains key aspects of life in Austen’s time. This treasury also contains removable reproductions of many important documents, including a handwritten letter from Jane to her sister Cassandra, pages from the rough draft of Persuasion, and a quirky “History of England” written by Jane as a schoolgirl and illustrated by her sister. These special features, combined with the insightful narrative and evocative images, make Jane Austen: An Illustrated Treasury an intimate and unique experience for anyone who appreciates the timeless significance of her work.

Yeah, I know. I read 2 pages in the store and was hooked.

I met Heather from A High and Hidden Place last weekend. She is exactly how you would imagine her- super sweet and loads of fun in a bookstore! Even her son was the perfect gentleman as we browsed the shelves for like 2 hours! Here is what I brought home from our B&N shopping spree:

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
Heather recommended this book since I like magical realism.

The Belly Dancer by DeAnna Cameron
This is a book I have been wanting for a while and it had a good price.

Ideas That Changed the World by Felipe Fernandez Armesto
This was a total impulse buy. I like books that discuss ideas and philosophies.

The Book Thief by Marcus Zuzak
Another book I have been wanting for a while. Plus, it is the October book for a book club in my city that I wanted to join. I can read this on the plane to or from India!


  1. The Book Thief is the only one I have read there. I've probably asked this before, but have you read I Am the Messenger yet?

  2. The Belly Dancer looks particularly interesting to me, since I used to belly dance. :-) I can't wait to see what you think of it!


  3. That Jane Austen book sounds like a lot of fun...unfortunately my B&N doesn't have it in stock! :(

  4. Garden Spells is wonderful! Sarah's other book, The Sugar Queen is good too!

  5. I'm glad to hear that you got Happiness is a Choice all right. i hope you'll like it.
    The Book Thief is, IMO, a great book which I also hope you'll like.

  6. Garden Spells was fabulous. I do hope you like it. If you do, you should read The Sugar Queen too.

  7. I liked Garden Spells a lot - delightful reading - and the Austen book looks utterly delicious.

  8. Fun! And I'm so envious that you got to hang out with Heather from A High And Hidden Place...since she's been my best buddy/reading soulmate online for about 8 years now. *sob*

    I would've loved to shop with y'all!

  9. I'm hoping to read the book thief soon as well! It is my 'Z' Author for the A to Z Challenge.

  10. You got some good looking books! I'll be looking for your Garden Spells review.

  11. Love that mailbox, Rebecca...LOL Looks like it wants to eat you alive!

    I have read "Happiness is a Choice" and really enjoyed it. I believe it to be is a choice we make every day!
    Great selections!

  12. I loved Garden Spells -- I hope you enjoy it too!

  13. I loved Garden Spells. That reminds me I haven't read her other book - The Sugar Queen, yet!

  14. I absolutely loved The Book Thief. It's one of my all-time faves. Hope you enjoy it, too. My mailbox is here.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  15. I've been eyeing that same Austen book at my B&N but I keep hoping that they'll mark it down even more. Now you're making me feel like I should just suck-it-up and buy it already!!!

    Your other goodies look great! I hope you love Garden Spells and The Book Thief...great reads IMHO.

  16. Garden Spells is a fun read...and I loved The Sugar Queen even more! So if you like it, you must read her 2nd book.

  17. I am totally geeking out over that Jane Austen book. It sounds teh awesome. I'm totally jealous. :) Did you ever read The Jolly Postman when you were a kid? It sort of sounds like that, only historic.

    And Garden Spells is an absolutely charming book. I really enjoyed it.

  18. I really loved The Book Thief and I really liked A Bend in the Road.

    Enjoy your books.


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