July 27, 2009

Musing Mondays- Online Book Databases

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about online book sites…

Do you have an account with an online book database site (LibraryThing, Shelfari, GoodReads etc)? If so, do you have a preference? Do you use it for - your own record keeping? finding new books to read? social networking?

I started out with Library Thing and Shelfari and loved both. I still have my Library Thing account and Shelfari account, but my favorite is Goodreads, which I found after the first 2. I find it easier to keep updated and to share with others, and find more friends on it than Shelfari. I do like the way Shelfari has the classy bookshelf widgets, which is better than the LT or Goodreads widgets. I also like that in Goodreads and Shelfari I can add as many books as I want and books that I want to read and want to own, not just what I do own. All have their pros and cons, but Goodreads is my favorite and the one I keep the most updated.

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  1. I started out on Library Thing and added Good Reads later. My heart is still loyal to LT, though.

  2. I have shelfari - love the bookshelf

    I just found the Library thing; It's great that we can sign up for early review copies. I did for the first time this month, don't know if I get anything yet.

    Just found Goodreads a few days ago. Not sure if I like it yet or not.

    I looked at your shelfari shelf, over 300 books Rebecca. wow.

  3. I have all three accounts but I think I like and remember to use goodreads the most.

  4. I am all about the Library Thing too. Personally, I find it easier to use and much more adaptive. and I also like the LT book widgit better...I can change it's look in so many ways to look how I want on my blog.

  5. I started on Shelfari, but then I got it into my head to do a comparison post between all the sites (don't ask me why... I forgot), and I decided Goodreads was the best. It's the easiest to use and offers widest variety of features. Shelfari is a very nicely designed site, though.


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