July 28, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Here is a mailbox you don't see everyday. How would you like to be the mail carrier delivering mail to this box?
I found this mailbox on Google.com. Check back next week for another interesting mailbox.

My mailbox is not as full as it used to be because I am trying not to receive ARCs (unless it is a book already on my list, then I consider) and I am not entering in as many giveaways (unless the book is already on my list). I have a lot of catching up to do with my reading. I will be back in the swing of things in a couple of months.

Here is what I received in my own mailbox this week.

Book: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
Thanks to a giveaway from the lovely Kay of Infinite Shelf

Book: Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner
Thanks to ???
I am forgetful and so I save the e-mails when I receive giveaways or books from authors or PR people, but I can't find anything for this book. If you sent it to me, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment so I can give you credit! And forgive me for being so forgetful.

Snow by Orhan Pamuk
Thanks to BookMooch


  1. Snow is on my list, so I look forward to reading your review.

  2. Did you enter the Atria Galley Grab for those of us that couldn't attend BEA? I'm nearly certain that's where my copy of Best Friends Forever (& Sweet Mary) came from this week.

    BFF jumped the line, and I'm reading it now. I'll be interested to compare reactions.

  3. Those all look great. I really want to read a John Green book.

  4. Enjoy Katherines :D

    (I hope you enjoy the others too, of course, but those I haven't read yet :P)

  5. Snow has been in my stacks for a while. I've heard great things about it. ENJOY

  6. I really enjoyed An Abundance, in fact that was my first foray into Green. Enjoy!!

  7. I remember reading some great reviews of Abundance of Katherines. For BFF, I won a copy on Twitter a couple of weeks ago (haven't received it yet) - could you have gotten it from there?

  8. Lol-that mailbox is soo ugly- but funny.

  9. Oh, I'm glad you received it all right! :) Hopefully you'll enjoy reading it too!
    I'm envious of your copy of BFF, I'm still waiting for mine!

  10. I received the Jennifer Weiner book too. Like you, I'm accepting fewer ARCs these days. Enjoy your new books.

    Diary of an Eccentric


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