July 2, 2009

BTT: Celebrity Memoirs

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Suggested by Callista83:

Do you read celebrity memoirs? Which ones have you read or do you want to read? Which nonexistent celebrity memoirs would you like to see?

I love memoirs and although most have not been on celebs, I have read a couple celebrity memoirs and biographies (I've included both here).

Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn by Donald Spoto (review)

Notes from My Travels by Angelina Jolie, more of a specific area of life memoir (review)

The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour M. Hersh (biography of the Kennedys) (review)

Find Me by Rosie O'Donnell (1 Star)

Audrey Hepburn: An Elegant Spirit: A Son Remembers by Sean Hepburn (3 Stars)

There are also a few celebrity memoirs that I have on my TBR list:

  • Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher
  • One Can Make a Difference: Original Stories by the Dalai Lama, Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson... by Ingrid Newkirk (50 celebritity activists share their stories, wisdom and insights on creating a movement)
  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets by Jon and Kate Gosselin (Although I don't want to read this for a while as I'm sick of hearing about them right now.)
  • Lucky Man: A Memoir by Michael J. Fox
  • Clapton: The Autobiography
  • Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas (This might actually qualify as a biography, I don't know)
As far as celeb memoirs I would like to see? I can only think of a couple off the top of my head:
  • Angelina Jolie (on her whole life)
  • Drew Barrymore (lots of bios, but love to read first hand account)
  • I know the child star Rubina Ali of Slumdog Millionaire is supposed to write a memoir and that would be interesting I think.
Overall, it seems most of the memoirs I have read and want to read have nothing to do with celebrities at all. Do many of them really have as interesting a life story as, say, Jeanette Walls or Somaly Mam? I think not.


  1. I tend to think that just being a celebrity doesn't automatically mean a more interesting life. Everyone has a story to tell, regardless of fame or fortune. It always depends for me on how much insight they show into their own actions and circumstances.

  2. I was interested in the Clapton autobio, but haven't found the time to read it yet. And Lucky Man sounds good, too.

  3. Carrie Fisher seems to be a popular one.

  4. You list some interesting titles I hadn't thought about.

  5. Ha at least it isnt Jenna Jameson or Pamela Anderson. Or even god forbid Lauren Conrad.

  6. Shari: Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you for stopping by!

    jlshall: Lucky Man is the first memoir. He now has a second one, too, I think.

    Mae: I didn't really care about it when it first came out, but then my sister said it was funny and she's not always easily amused, so I know it must be funny. ;)

    CeeCee: That is one of the good things about book blogging. You can discover new books and share them, too! Thanks for visiting!

    P&P: Oh god. None of those, PLEASE. I can't even begin to care about Lauren Conrad. She's like the girl in HS who was everyone pretends to love, but that secretly everyone hates (only I would hate all out in the open because that's how I roll. :P)

  7. It's rare that I will read a memoir by a celebrity. I prefer to read the ones about lesser known people.

  8. I agree with Literary Feline - I enjoy memoirs of people I have never heard of. I read more of those types than celebrity memoirs.


  9. I've never read a celebrity memoir, and, in fact, the idea of reading one is nauseating. I could not care less about a celebrity's life beyond what I might find in a wikipedia article or on line during a casual browse--and then I have to need a quick question answered.

  10. I love memoirs, but don't read many written by celebrities. I do have Kathleen Turner's in my TBR pile, though.

  11. Now I would enjoy reading Angelina Jolie's biography too. Just to hear the real story about her and Brad.

  12. I would love to read Angelina Jolie's memoirs.


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