July 20, 2009

Ancient Egyptian Stories for 100 Shots of Short

TITLE: Lost in a Pyramid, or the Mummy's Curse
AUTHOR: Louisa May Alcott
FOUND: in the book Into the Mummy's Tomb, edited by John Richard Stephens

PLOT: You are probably thinking what I was thinking: Louisa May Alcott wrote a mysterious mummy story? Yes, she did- and she wrote it well. The story is about two men, Paul and Niles, and Paul's fiance, Eve. Paul and Niles follow Niles' passion to explore the Cheops. But once inside, they become lost. The only thing they can think of for someone to find them (since footprints were not accurate there) is to begin a fire. They find a mummy and burn the case, but it fades too quickly so they decide to unwrap and burn the mummy. The mummy turns out to be that of an Egyptian sorceress. She has many gifts and spices, but in her hands she holds a gold box full of scarlet seeds to her chest. They take the treasures before burning her body. The two make it out alive and Paul and Eve decide to try and plant the scarlet seeds to see what grows. Unfortunately, the sorceress is not done with them yet.

RATING: 3.5 Stars
LAST THOUGHTS: Predictable ending, but a fun ride getting there.

TITLE: The Vengeance of Nitocris
AUTHOR: Tennessee Williams
FOUND: in the same book, Into the Mummy's Tomb

PLOT: In Thebes, a terrible sacrilege has been committed by the Pharoah. The priests decide they must do something to right this wrong. A mob descends upon the Pharoah. The Pharoah's sister, Nitocris, is then made Queen. Nitocris seems to be a wonderful Queen and everyone is thrilled when she invites them to a banquet in a beautiful new temple her slaves have built on the Nile. However, Nitocris is not the sweet smiling Queen she has pretended to be. Little do they realize that Nitocris has devised a sinister plot to avenge the death of her beloved brother.

RATING: 4 Stars
LAST THOUGHTS: The story was very good, based on a true story and written by Williams when he was only 16. However, I am not sure how the story fit in with the collection. The story was about Ancient Egypt, but mummies were not a part of the story.


  1. I have this book but it's been years since I read these stories and I really don't remember them. I love mummies and Egypt so maybe it's time for a re-read!

  2. Mummies are definitely not what I would expect from Louisa May. I'm curious but not too tempted since mummies aren't my thing.

  3. Louisa May Alcott and mummies??! Who would have guessed - lol!

  4. This book looks so freakin' cool! Even with my general avoidance of short stories, I am definitely going to have to search this one out at the library. Thanks for the great mini-reviews! :)


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