July 25, 2009

50 Reasons to Love Your Local Library

50 Reasons to Love Your Local Library

If you never learned to read the Dewey Decimal System, you can still love your library. As a matter of fact, you should visit the library more often. Sometimes the books get lonely. And it’s free! Here’s 50 reasons why your library should feel the love.

1. You get to read books for free, of course.
2. Depending on the library, you may get to view comics and movies for free, too.
3. It’s a great place to research things.
4. It’s nice and quiet, giving you time to collect your thoughts.
5. Special sections for kids mean fun for the whole family.
6. Special events throughout the year keep you entertained.
7. It’s a great way to meet friends.
8. It’s a great way to meet dates.
9. They usually have a wireless connection if you need Web access while you’re out and about.
10. Frequent visits are the single greatest (and easiest) way of building a child’s vocabulary.
11. You can browse newspapers new and old at your library.
12. Most libraries now have various services available, such as copiers and computer labs.
13. The library grounds themselves can often be a great place for a picnic or scenic walk.
14. Speaking of walking, hoofing it through the library is a great way to peacefully people watch and burn calories.
15. Librarians, especially subject specialists, are a great source to help you out with whatever you need to know.
16. Generous weekend hours means you can go there to be productive, and escape hassles from roommates, family, and friends.
17. In addition to the physical books and magazines and newspapers, most libraries provide access to online research databases.
18. Reading is fun. But you already knew that.
19. The library focuses on different themes and genres throughout the year, exposing you to many new ideas.
20. Libraries help bring entire communities together.
21. Libraries are great for preparing for tests like ACTs and GREs without buying the expensive study books.
22. If you’re lucky, you can nab a book you need for school at the library instead of having to buy it.
23. Libraries are a great place to browse for a new read without getting hassled by book store workers.
24. Libraries are a great way to introduce children to the notion of responsibility.
25. Obviously, libraries are a great way to “try before you buy” when it comes to books.
26. When you’d rather buy than rent, libraries often sell used surplus books at great discounts.
27. Libraries are great spots to learn new skills so you can advance at work.
28. Libraries offer cheap nostalgia—rent your childhood faves for free.
29. You can use the library to swap reading lists with friends and have more to talk about.
30. During election years, libraries are a great way to get the real scoop on whoever’s running.
31. Libraries are a safe place for you and your kids.
32. Libraries often offer fun, easy ways of becoming more involved in the community.
33. Your local library is a part of your heritage; your parents likely went there, and perhaps their parents before them.
34. Supporting your local library in any way supports the community.
35. Libraries are a great way and a great place to help your kids study.
36. Libraries are a great, discreet way of hunting down new job opportunities.
37. Public libraries are usually very close, making them a quick drive/walk.
38. The library provides a quiet night away from partygoers.
39. The library is a great way to meet local authors, through their books and in-person.
40. The library can help you with just about any hobby, from photography to hunting.
41. Libraries are scenic.
42. They’re a great way to get your kids used to looking stuff up.
43. Libraries are a great way to learn to play music, and often have music you can rent.
44. The library is a great place for your kids to meet trustworthy role models.
45. Libraries are the easiest way to learn about a city when you’ve recently moved.
46. If you’re well read, you’ve got that much more to talk about at the next party you go to.
47. Libraries help arm you with some beach reading for the summer.
48. Trips to the library can be used as rewards for children.
49. Libraries are great for preparing for DIY home projects.
50. Libraries offer you a chance to feel like a real member of the community.

Make a long reading list. Dust off that old library card and get back to the lost pastime of reading at your local library. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be supporting your community.

I cannot claim this list as my own. I found it here. Thanks to Sophie83 for the link.


  1. I love the library! Great list. :)

  2. This is a wonderful list. My favorite is number 4: It's nice and quiet, giving you time to collect your thoughts. I could spend all day in a library...if only I had the time :)

  3. Amanda, Tracie- I love libraries, too. That's why I loved this list and wanted to share it. I used to spend a lot of time in my university's library. I worked there and then I would stay and study and read because it was so quiet and lovely and smelled like books. I love the smell of books!

  4. I like to think of the library as my second home. I always imagined I would work in one, but went into teaching instead.

  5. Nice! Thanks for posting this terrific list.

  6. Great list! Thanks for posting it!

  7. Scrap girl- I'm a teacher but if I can't teach anymore, I want to work in a library!

    Marie, rhapsody- Yvw. Wish I could take credit for the wonderfulness of more than just posting it. :)

  8. This week, when it's almost 100 degrees in Seattle, I would add that libraries are an air conditioned place where you can sit for free! The kid and I will be at the library most days this week.

  9. Very awesome list. The books do get lonely. :( Poor books.


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