June 3, 2009

Thursday Tea

The Tea: I am drinking Lipton Black Tea with nothing added.

The Book: Matrimony by Joshua Henkin

The Mix: Matrimony is about a college guy named Julian who begins a love affair with a girl named Mia. Julian's friend Carter is jealous and disappears for a while, only to return years later to throw Julian and Mia's life into turmoil.

The book is pretty basic and so is my tea. I haven't reached the climax of the story yet, so that may change, but so far the mix is good. And the tea is very soothing as the rain pounds outside my window.


  1. I read Matrimony last year. I was drinking a vanilla latte...the book and the drink seemed to go together -- basic but delicious.

  2. I read Matrimony last year as well. It is pretty basic. I liked as much about it as I didn't.

  3. Sounds like a good match. Comforting and basic.

  4. I really liked Matrimony. You can see my review on y\my blog. I thought the story was less of a plot and more of a character book. I liked it a lot though.


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