June 24, 2009

The State of Mt. TBR- What's On My Desk Wednesday

I just got tagged by Belle aka Ms. Bookish AND by Natasha at Heidenkind's Hideaway for the What's On My Desk meme, which is run by Sassy Brit. Here are the rules for the meme:

Grab a camera and take a photo of your desk! Or anywhere you stack your books/TBR pile. And no tidying!

Add this photo to your blog.

Tag at least 5 people!

Come back here and leave a link back to your photo in the comments section.

That’s it.

Since I don't have a desk, I took 2 pictures of my tall bookshelf, full of TBR books, plus a picture of the 4 on my nightstand that I am currently reading. You will notice I long ago ran out of room! The first picture shows the top 3 shelves of my bookshelf (with pictures of my kitties!) The second is of the bottom 2 shelves of the bookshelf. The third if of my current reads.

I will admit there are a few that I have already read on my shelves, but they number only about 10-15 and are books having to do with my fibromyalgia, plus the 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die.

You might also notice on this last picture my notebooks I take notes in for reviews, plus a dumbell which I use sometimes while reading. (I love multi-tasking, you know!)

I now have the pleasure of tagging 7 bloggers whose TBR piles I am dying to take a peak at...

1. Bermudaonion
2. Melissa of Melissa's Bookshelf
3. Heather of A High and Hidden Place
4. Kelly of The Chic Geek
5. Nymeth of Things Mean a Lot
6. Kristi of Books and Needlepoint
7. Caspette of The Narrative Causality


  1. Uh-oh....my desk is a mess! This is going to be embarrassing...LOL
    I'll be back :D

  2. I do love a glimpse into other book bloggers book shelves. Makes me realise I am not on my own, when it comes to owning so many books.

  3. Yikes, I'm afraid to take a picture of mine, but I'll try to have it up by this weekend.

  4. Oh, fun! I like seeing other people's TBR shelves/stacks. I just wish I could see more titles on your shelves!

  5. You got tagged by both of us at the same time? :D

    That's a good idea, exercising and reading at the same time... maybe I should try that. :)

  6. I need to show all these TBR photos to my husband, who thinks that I am the only person in the world with overflowing bookshelves and a TBR pile that is taking over the house.

    Thanks for sharing Rebecca.

  7. I have so many areas of TBR that I don't know what I'd take a picture of! There's the shelves in the bedroom, the bedside table, the shelves in the living room, the library stack, and if you really want to see EVERYTHING- the shelves in the Bug's room, the basement and the garage. I have a problem. The good bit is that I haven't paid full retail for a book in years thanks to paperbackswap.com!

  8. Thank you for tagging me! I'm hoping to be able to blog regularly again this coming week, so hopefully Iºll do the meme then :)

  9. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to leave my link here or on the Sassy Brit. I'm leaving it here since you're the one who tagged me. You can see my TBR pile here.


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