June 16, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: On Tuesday :)

I have been reading these memes for a while and decided finally to participate. Okay, so it is Tuesday. But it will be alright. I'm late like that anyway. :)

So the theme for this week is TRAUMA.

This week's topic is brought to you by the ever uplifting Sandy @ You've GOTTA Read This! She suggested we share which movies have shaken us to the core so much that we've never been the same because of them. Check out our list below and share some of your traumatizing movie experiences on your blog and link back here at The Bumbles.

So here is my own list of traumatic movies in my life:

-Bambi (1942) Okay, was any child NOT traumatized by this movie? And I developed a lifelong dislike for hunters, as well. My cousins hunt deer. I love them, but hate that they hunt. At least they eat the deer and all of it and don't just do it for sport. Then I'd just be pissed. And no I cannot eat deer meat. Eat Bambi's mother? No way. If I saw a movie about a chicken's mother getting killed, I am sure I'd feel the same way about eating Bojangles.

-Gremlins (1984) I saw this as a young child (ironically at the same cousin's house in which they hunt deer) and Gizmo scared me to death! I had nightmares about this movie. I had to leave the room at several points while we watched it. No one else seemed to be scared, but I was. Creepy, creepy Gremlins.

-Friday the 13th (1980) Or maybe it was Nightmare on Elm Street. I always get those 2 series mixed-up. At any rate, I was scared to death of psycho hockey-mask wearing teenagers wielding axes and killing you in your bed. Maybe that is a combo of both for all I know. Just hauntingly scary.

-The Exorcist (1973) and The Exorcist of Emily Rose (2005)- Are comments truly necessary?

-Sleeping Beauty (1959) For whatever reason, I thought that the Queen was the scariest, most evil antagonist ever created in a cartoon. The one from Snow White is a close second.

-The Wizard of Oz (1939) I hated the Wicked Witch and I hated her Kansas counterpart, whatever her name was. I couldn't watch that movie for years she terrified me so much. And that music when she came on her bicycle...haunting.


  1. Good list. I only liked sleeping beauty because of her dress she wears in the end. I was more of a Sword in the Stone and Dumbo fan..I didnt get into the whole princess thing.

    Friday 13th had the hockey masked man killing young naked people. I only know because K & I recently watched the whole series. I never watched it as a kid.

    You know what I cant say I have ever watched Bambi! But I did see Lion King and it was same sort of child traumatizing stuff.

    I am the biggest scardy cat and hate hate hate horrors so no one is more surprised then me that I liked Gremlins first round in.

  2. I can remember being completely freaked out by Gremlins when I saw it at the movies. Blenders still give me flash-backs.

  3. I should have added that even though horror movies are definitely not my thing, I have fond memories of The Exocist.

    I watched this movie with a New Zealand youth band member that was billeted at our home while on tour in Australia. She had been at a band party and came home moderately drunk.

    We had taped The Exorcist for her and she woke me up so that I could sit up and watch it with her. She kept fastforwarding through the boring bits and the watching 2 - 3 minutes before fast forwarding some more. She made me sit next to her on the floor so that she could lean on me (and therefore not fall over). I spent so much time laughing at her, that the movie really wasn't scary at all.

  4. Yes we do have the same layout only back to front and you have a pretty picture :)

  5. Yes - Friday the 13th was Jason with the hockey mask who liked to hatchet and shish-ka-bob non-virginal teens at summer camp. Nightmare on Elm Street was Freddy Kruger with the blades for fingers that mutilated and tormented teens in their dreams - created insomnia for a whole generation. I love both series - I'm a sucker for trauma I guess! Thanks for playing along - lots of people join in at various points throughout the week so no need to worry about missing Monday.

  6. Great list! I never watched Bambi until I was older - what you wrote reminded me of that scene in My Cousin Vinnie where Marisa Tomei goes on about Vinnie going hunting!

    When we went to Disney earlier this year, my son (he was 5 at the time) was very scared of the witch/Queen in Snow White. (They don't have a Sleeping Beauty ride) Luckily I had read one of those guidebooks and knew enough not to take him on the Snow White ride. Apparently tons of little ones come out of there in tears! He also wasn't too pleased that they had Captain Hook wandering around, too :)

  7. I was tramatized by Gremlins as well! I didn't watch another 'horror' film until I was an adult.

  8. Great list. :) My mom actually refused to let me watch Dumbo and Bambi when I was little because they traumatized her so much. I do remember watching Pinocchio and not liking that movie AT ALL, especially the scene where he gets swallowed by the whale. That was pretty scary.

    But probably the two things that really traumatized me as a little kid were things I saw on TV, not on the movies. When I was 4 or 5, there was one of those fakey documentaries about Dracula on TV; but naturally I was too young to realize it was fake. So I became convinced vampires were real and that freaked me out. I refused to go into the dark by myself for at least a month. And the other was Unsolved Mysteries with all the serial killers. To this day I refuse to watch shows like that. :P

  9. Caspette: You've never seen Bambi and guess what- I've never seen Dumbo! I had a book about Dumbo when I was little, but I've never seen the movie. I think I will try to rent it from Netflix one day just to say I have seen it!

    Susan: I am not good with horror movies either. I usually only watch them with someone else, never alone! I had forgotten about the blenders...yikes! That is a good one.

    Bumbles: Thanks for the meme and thanks for clearing that up about Friday and Nightmare on Elm Street. Both were equally scary to me. It's great you like horror films. I wish I could handle getting scared better! lol

    Belle: They come out in tears? Wow. That is not fun for an amusement park ride! I went to DW when I was 11 or 12 so I never rode any of the children's rides. That is really interesting.

    Jess: Wasn't it just the creepiest? You know they had those little Wuzzles or whatever they were that came out a few years back and they would just sing randomly and stuff? Looked totally like Gizmo.

    heidenkind: Unsolved Mysteries is scary! I like to watch the re-runs where they show how they caught half of the criminals they had stories about. That is always comforting. :)

  10. Gremlins did the same thing to me too! I've seen that move only once and once is enough. Gremlins were so UGLY!

    Freddy Kruger scared the crap out of me. To this day, I refuse to see any of those movies.

    Unsolved Mysteries is so scary! A lot of the time they never find out what happened to the person or catch the criminals. Guaranteed nightmare.

  11. Yea Wizard of Oz was a bit tramadic looking back. I was never quite convinced that the monkeys at the zoo were not going to fly off their little island and land, razor sharp on my head. Love the idea for this post!

  12. My mother likes to tell a story about my older brother crying over Bambi while I laughed. So, no, I guess wasn't traumatized by that movie. BUt it was YEARS before I felt old enough to actually watch the flyingmonkey scene of the Wizard of Oz.


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