June 29, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: Action Heroes

This week's movie topic is all about Action Heroes...
Summer is in full swing and that means it is time for the blockbuster releases. You know, big budget flicks where things get dicey, blow up, burn down, and in the end - saved - by those quintessential action heroes. Here are some that we feel best represent the genre. Share the movie action heroes that have saved your day on your blog and link back here at The Bumbles.

Indiana Jones, of course!
Sarah Connor of Terminator and T2

Murtough and Riggs of Lethal Weapon 1-4

Lara Croft, quintessential female action hero

Jason Bourne of the Bourne Trilogy

William Wallace in Braveheart gets my vote for historical action movie hero

Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi in Desperado

Who do you think is a quintessential action hero?


  1. I loved Braveheart - just can't get enough revenge carnage.

    Good choice on Sarah Connor! Nice to see the ladies represented.

  2. Indiana Jones. I heart him. I wanted to BE him (or at the very least, his girlfriend) when I was ten.

    As for women action heroes, I think the best ones are on TV--Xena, Buffy, Nikita, etc. I did enjoy Tomb Raider just because it was completely mindless entertainment and it looked great.

  3. I'm a big fan of Jack Bauer on "24." I have a thing for Keifer Sutherland and his voice. But he's got nothing on the sexiness that is Antonio Banderas in "Desperado." I drool every time I see that movie.

  4. This week's question is so fun! You've got some great ones there. Sarah Conner is definitely a great action hero. And Indiana Jones!

  5. Sarah Conner how could I have forgotten that one! My friend was obsessed with Edward Furlong when that came out, so I have seen that movie so many times I lost count.

    Good picks!

  6. Indy is definitely number one in my heart. Sarah Connor rocks too, though!


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