June 2, 2009

Literary Links

1. J.D. Salinger set to sue over 'sequel'
2. Amazon cuts social networking features for authors & customers
3. Tell-All Books is hushed when stars cry foul
4. Turkish writer Nedim Gursel was charged with 'inciting religious hatred' after his book, The Daughters of Allah, incited complaints.
5. Bestseller James Patterson talks about how he writes and about the 29 manuscripts he has 'on reserve'


  1. Salinger has always had a God complex - as for me, the sequel I'd love to read would be about the Glass family, especially Franny.

  2. Talk about prolific. I would be happy just to have 29 blog posts in reserve.

  3. teabird- I didn't like Catcher in the Rye anyway.

    Nicole- I know, right? I guess it would help if we had co-bloggers like he has co-writers and we just had to do revisions. JP is one of my favorite authors, but he doesn't put out all of these books by himself.

  4. 29 books on reserve? I agree with you Rebecca: It's impossible for one man to write and have that many books "on reserve." I don't care how much he writes.

    With the way that Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb cranks them out every three months (at least) I wouldn't be surprised if she had co-writers as well. I like her "In Death" series but they come out way too often to have been written by Roberts, alone.


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