June 26, 2009

Finding FOL Sales with New SIte

Yesterday, I received an e-mail about a new site that helps people find Friends of Library sales that are going on. I checked it out. It found several library sales going on here in NC, including one in November of this year. Hopefully this could help other readers. Here is her e-mail with all the information:


I recently came across your book blog and though I just thought our site might be of interest to you (and possibly your blog readers).

All across the nation, many Friends of the Library organizations hold book sales that feature cheap books that were either donated or removed from circulation. Typically these sales sell books, CDs, magazines, and DvD's for rock bottom prices. A typical sale will sell most of their items for under 3 dollars.

Being charity organizations, these Friends of the Library organizations often have limited resources to advertise and promote their sales. As such, many people are never made aware of the excellent deals they are missing within their own communities. That's where booksalemanager.com comes ins. We are attempting to bridge the gap between Organizations looking to more effectively advertise their sale, and people looking to find more places to get good deals on books and media.

Friends of the Library organizations and other non-profit groups can freely advertise their sale on our site. People looking to find sales can use our powerful search tools to find these sales. They can search by state, zip code, sale size, and date ranged. Furthermore, people can create an account and save sales to their calendar to help them better track the sales they want to go to.

Our site is in a late beta stage, so our database of sales is expected to grow dramatically over the next few months. We are also looking to add additional features such as premium sales and better email notifications people can sign up for. All for Free.

I believe book sales are a great way to find bargain books and media while at the same time supporting the local libraries we all know and love. It's a total win-win. Thank you for your time and if you have any other questions, please let me know.



  1. Thanks for the post, the site looks great.

  2. Wow this is great! I signed up so I could get reminders of the ones nearest me. There's one is Aug 15 miles from me and another in September about 10 miles from me. This is wonderful!

  3. I never heard about this one but I use
    this site to find library book sales in my area. If you sign up they email you each week to tell you where the sales are.


  4. I love Library book sales!! Thanks for sharing the information on your blog!!

  5. Our county library system has 2 sales a year and it is phenomenal. The only problem is I buy too much! Yeah, right, like that is really a problem. It's all for a good cause though.

  6. Great idea to tell book bloggers about this site.

  7. I always miss the book sales at my library. :(

  8. Hi Rebecca,

    I love library sales but I often have to go out of state for them. It's strange that you can't find one in a city as big as NYC.

    I've just won a blog award and I am passing it on to you. You can pick up your award here.



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