June 7, 2009

100 "Shots of Short" Sunday- 3 Detective Stories

Today I read three stories in my book, 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories.

1. The Clincher by Jack Foxx was interesting. The gas station attendant actually solved the case in this story.

2. Better Hands by Dale Clark had a plot twist, but I still found it a pretty dull story. It was so unmemorable I can't even remember what it was about and I just read it.

3. According to Plan by Ray Darby was the best story out of the three. It involved a man named Ben who escaped from prison and came back to exact his revenge on the man who stole his lover from him. The story was complete with a good plot twist that I never saw coming.

That is three short stories to add to 23 I already had read to make it a total of 26 short stories read so far for the challenge.

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