May 24, 2009

TSS: New, New, New!

Happy Sunday, everyone! And, for all of those here in the States, happy Memorial Day Weekend! Thanks to everyone who sent me get better wishes this week. I've been feeling pretty rough, but I am feeling better now! Your well wishes helped. :-)

There are some new features here at Lost in Books that I want to make all of you wonderful readers aware of! I am going to break it down for ya:

In addition to the salon, I am also going to make Sundays my regular 100 Shots of Short Challenge post day, so look for those coming up starting next week.

Mondays are still reserved for Mailbox Monday and Musing Mondays, but will also have the Monday Book Review.

Tuesdays are the day to look for the brand new Quote Game! Come and find out what the topic for next week will be and submit your quotes for this week! Tuesdays also feature Teaser Tuesday posts, although I have forgotten them most of this month. Shame on me because I enjoy reading others TT posts.

Wondrous Words Wednesday and The Wednesday Short Report, where I am going to give brief updates on my challenges, where I am in books I am reading, etc.

Thursdays will continue to feature Booking Through Thursday and Thursday Tea posts.

These are pretty full too with Friday Finds (of finds which I will always have too many of) and Friday Fill-Ins.

New feature started yesterday called Take Me Away. I have had good feedback so far. Let me know what you think!

Saturday will also feature the Saturday Book Review. (While Mondays and Saturdays may not be the only days with a review, you can expect that there will be reviews on at least these 2 days. Omg! I know! Regular reviews! Hey, I gotta keep my procrastinating posterior in line somehow!)

I also decided that since I love music and movies almost as much as I love books, why not throw in a monthly feature for these as well?

On the 8th of each month, look for My Month in Music.
On the 20th of each month, look for My Month in Movies. The first post was completed on Wednesday.
Then, of course, at the end of each month there is the Monthly Round-Up!

It's a lot, to be sure, but this keeps me organized and hopefully will help you to better know when you can expect posts. I can be as random at posting as is at generating numbers. Now I have a plan to keep me a little less random and a little more reliable. Woohoo! I hope it works.

Oh! And before I forget, I have a giveaway for Shattered Reality by Kimberly Cheryl until May 30th! Check it out! And since I completely forgot to do this in my review OR the giveaway post, many thanks to Kimberly Cheryl for sending me this book to review! Please visit her site here.


  1. I've been thinking of posting a blog schedule. Love this. Hope you permanently link it in your sidebar.

    By the way you won last week's Little Lov'n Monday. Come pick your prize.

    Happy reading.

  2. Nice clean feel to your blog. I feel like I've just taken a hot bath!

    I like your organized week. I hope you will be kind to yourself if you miss a day!

  3. I am so glad you feeling better, Rebecca. Hopefully you will be feeling completely well very soon.

    You are so organized! I wish I had inherited that gene. :-)

    I've been playing around with the idea of reviewing a short story every week on my blog as well. I am not participating in the challenge, but I think it would be fun to do on my own just the same.

    Have a great week!

  4. Rebecca, you have really organized your week into efficient pieces! I look forward to reading what you review. Friday Fill ins are about all I can manage to post on a weekly basis, so I admire your energy!

  5. Wow! I am in awe of your organization! So much commitment would actually scare me, so you are now on the official Book Chook heroes list.

  6. I've been pondering some sort of editorial calendar and/or weekly schedule. I keep forgetting to do my Blog Discoveries for Fridays.

    I've also been fooling around of reviewing movies too, but I think that might come down the road. Maybe when Alvah's Books has more subscribers and is a little more settled.

    Rebeca of Alvah's Books

  7. sounds like you'll be pretty busy! :-)

  8. This sounds really great. I tell you what's crazy is that I'm been trying to figure out a schedule for my blog too!! I love the names you gave to your reviews!! Excellent setup!

  9. Susan- Good idea! I will do that.

    Debnance- Thank you, I will. It is just a schedule to help me and you as a reader, but not a do-or-die regiment. That'd be too hard!

    Feline- Are you kidding me??? There's not an organizing gene in my body! lol I am A.D.D. and I have fibromyalgia, so sometimes I get brain fog, too. Being organized is something I have to do to get anything accomplished. Otherwise I would be in a constant state of procrastination and absent-mindedness! Trust me, it doesn't come easily. Short stories are fun. I will read and comment on yours if you decide to do them. :) And thank you, I am feeling much better.

    Bellezza- I have a lot of time on my hands, what with not being currently employed and all. :P The schedule might become looser once I do find a job.

    Book Chook- Cool! I've never been an official hero before! :D

    Rebeca- Yes, that is what I did, too. Wait until it became more settled. And the schedule will really help me because I am always forgetting a post!

    Marie- Yes, but being busy keeps me out of trouble! :P

    Staci- Thanks! Apparently quite a few of us have been thinking about blog schedules lately. Must be something in the atmosphere...

  10. Great idea putting up a schedule. You are pretty packed in blogging wise!

    Im too lazy though so I make sure I have plenty of free days :)

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