May 3, 2009

TSS: April Round-Up

My reading is cyclical. In January I read a lot of books, in February less, in March I read a lot, and in April I read less again. So, maybe May will be a good month!

Granted, my reading this past month was more A.D.D.-infused than a ping-pong match. I started a ton of books so that I couldn't finish many in any sort of timely fashion. The books I started during the readathon alone....*sigh*.

Well, here is a list of the books I did finish in April, with links to the reviews. Also, be sure to check out the reviews posted by the participants in the A Colorful Reading Challenge.

April Reviews:

1. How to Be Totally Miserable: A Self-Hinder Book by John Blytheway
2. Rubies in the Orchard by Lynne Resnick
Back When We Were Grownups by Anne Tyler
100 Names of Mary by Anthony F. Chiffalo
What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day by Pearl Cleage
6. What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked? by J. Warren Willey II

I think my favorite read from this month is a tie between Back When We Were Grownups and What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day. What was your favorite book you read this month?


  1. I am pretty sure that I have When We Were Grownups somwhere o the shelf, and have had it for a really long time. You've put it back on my radar.

    I read some really good books this month, so it's hard for me to pick one. But I loved Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven, by Susan Jane Gilman; Jane on Her Own by Ursula Le Guin; The Midwife by Jennifer Worth and The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.

  2. Happy Sunday! I really want to read Back When We Were Grownups. Am glad to hear you liked it. Mm.. my favourite book this month was Proust's Swann's Way. And a few others. :D

  3. Hopefully Anne Tyler is busy this Sunday writing her next book....I have loved almost everything she has written.

    I read so many great books during the readathon that it is hard to pick my favorites of the month, but they would include A Streetcar Named Desire, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Member of the Wedding, and That Night.

  4. You had a decent month -- at least it's more than a book a week. My favorite would probably be The Killing Tree -- adult literary fiction.

  5. I go through reading phases too. I hope that May is a good month for you and that you find books that you just can't put down.

  6. My goodness! Everyone read so many good books!

    My favorite in April was Basil's Dream by Christine Hale. It doesn't seem to be getting much attention, but I think it has a LOT of potential. Here's my review, for those interested.

  7. Nicole- I am supposed to be receiving Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven from Hachette Audio Books soon. I can't wait to listen!

    Claire- It is hard to choose just one, isn't it?

    debnance- I agree. Although I have time to wait, this was my first Tyler novel. I have her others to get to still! Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favorite movies, but I have yet to read the book.

    Beth- This is true. Sometimes it doesn't seem like a lot when others are pouring through 2 or 3 a week (and then the readathon on top of that!)

    Alyce- Thanks! I hope you do, too. I enjoy reading your reviews.

    Rose City Reader- I took a look at your review on Basil's Dream. I have added it to Mt. TBR!

  8. Best book this month, a three-way tie between The Housekeeper and the Professor, Flygirl, and Fool!

  9. I read one Anne Tyler book ages ago, but I know it wasn't Grownups. I'll have to check out your review. Congrats on a great month!

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